Jan 27, 2013

CAMERAderie: The last bit of Milan

I have safely arrived in Malaysia two days ago and in between dealing with jet lag, post-shopping depression and mustering strength to return back to work, I am trying my best not to slack off from blogging. I know you guys are anticipating for more Paris updates, but examining a collection of images from the entire journey it turned out that there are certain Milan photos, that I think will be interesting for this final CAMERAderie segment of Milan Fashion Week.

I'm borderline stalking Scott Schuman as I bumped into him creepily saw him from afar - not only at almost every show in Milan, naturally, but in the train, on our way to Paris as well. But of course my awkward shyness deterred me from saying hi (although Arman and other individuals have reserved comments about his attitude, I still find images from The Sartorialist inspirational and have been among one of the guides for Dunia Fashyon since the blog's inception)... 

I accidentally papped the Sartorialist at work outside Emporio Armani show. I'm waiting for the image of the man photographed to surface in Schuman's blog so I can feel pathetically in sync with him or something.

Suzy Menkes walking alone 

Tamu McPherson, Editor-In-Chief, Grazia Italy (yes, I googled her)

 Valentino heels and Bernard Wilhelm x Camper collab sneakers (which I kinda want)

 Is this guy a die-hard Star Wars fan? I mean, everything is light saber-friendly with the Jedi braids, Chewbacca-esque legs and all.

 Sleek contrasting cap toes on a showgoer at Burberry Prorsum show.

Masked men doing I don't know what...

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal


filzahalfway said...

welcome back! i'm spending my holiday reading your blog and i can say that my holiday is well spent :D

thompsonboy said...

I stopped visiting his site after seeing some videos of his shitty attitude...why continue making him richer? After all, it's the same old men with their cigar and cigarettes time after time, tres predicatable

naboonies said...

Thompsonboy: Yes, he is notorious for being not well-mannered (as some see it) but I like his photos which speak for themselves :)

Filzahalfway, Thank you. So good to know you enjoyed the blog! Please keep reading Dunia Fashyon ;)

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