Jan 25, 2013

It snowed in Paris!

The recent heavy snowfall in Paris had hampered our travel around the city, more or less. We have been traveling to Paris a few times before and never knew it could snow THAT heavily in this part of France. That much snowfall is a record in Paris ever since 1987, according to the news, for what could have been just another day of mild wintertime in Volgograd, Russia (spine-tingling subzero temperature, as low as minus twenty degrees Celsius is quite a norm in Russia, as you would have known).

Of course we took the opportunity to roam the city despite the inappropriate footwear (wearing patent leather clogs with my heels exposed!)  and it was definitely a photo op as soon as we saw the majestic Palais Royal garden, covered in pristine white snow. It's not everyday that I get to bury my treasured Lanvin patent clogs in the crystalline frost, and it's not everyday that I get to pose like a silly boy, no?


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