Jan 24, 2013

Emporio Armani AW13 experience

Even though a classic brand like the Armani empire does not necessarily appeal to us at Dunia Fashyon it is still a privilege to witness the fashion powerhouse's more commercial ready-to-wear line in action. The venue - the official Armani runway I suspect, is spacious and fits multiple levels of seating. In fact, it does feel like a mini indoor stadium at a first glance. The collection (comprising ninety-five looks, no less) seems like classic Emporio Armani, but with a twist - the overall look feels young and current, and it's not just sombre tones of grey dominating the colour palette. In fact, I particularly like the addition of different shades of yellows and blues, and at the accessory forefront, the backpacks are a winner. 

A standing position means less-than-worthy runway images but I did manage to capture Mr Armani and his throng of models at the end of the show. Finally my petit Asian frame serves me well whereby I maneuvered myself in between the European photogs for considerably nice photos of the designer. And, at least a model or two did look at my camera. Okay, now I'm going to print out the images with the models and crop the ones who looked at my camera, and make a bookmark out of it...

 Images and words by Hafidzudin Zainal

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