Aug 14, 2013

CAMERAderie: Aidilfitri in Taiping

It seems like a post on the festivity of Aidilfitri (Eid Mubarak) is in order! I celebrated at both mum's and dad's hometown in Taiping, Perak and Melaka respectively. Surely I had fun, but to be honest growing older means that the joy and enthusiasm to celebrate wanes down quicker every year. I do miss my childhood experience celebrating Hari Raya with my cousins (who are mostly already married nowadays and consequently celebrate Raya at their spouses' places). Anyhow I put on my amateur photographer cap and happily snapped the images, taken on the eve of Syawal around the rustic town of Taiping and on the big day itself...

Taiping is a colonial town that is slowly progressing and expanding, evident by the odd construction cranes here and there. But I feel that the images of ancient and dilapidated buildings are most beautiful to capture and boy, Taiping has lots of them, and some are even well preserved. One of the highlights of photographing old things is discovering something unexpected, like the (unintentionally) humorous graffiti. NO PAKING? Sure, sir...

The pastel color reminds me of cake icing.
Beautiful mosaic of rusted planks of zinc. 
Like Yin and Yang.

Old signage are also associated to old buildings. I particularly adore the antique typeface and peculiar fonts that are a rarity these days. Cheeky, suggestive street names are also searchable in towns like Taiping...

Murtabak Haji Midin is apparently very popular especially during Ramadan, when there was a very long queue of people wanting to get some murtabak action. Can you see how big the murtabak being prepared is? Later it will be chopped into smaller squares for easy packing (and consumption). Looks like a total atherosclerotic bliss to me.

I didn't really have a new set of Baju Melayu for this year's Raya, just like the previous year. And FYI our family (or maybe it's just me?) is not into the one-colour-per-family trend. So you can see how mismatched looking we were. Haha!

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin!

words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal 


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've always wanted to explore Taiping. Maybe next time you balik kampung, you can report more adventures, particularly if you're covering the lake gardens? Happy Eid! (still not too late, because Aidiladha is coming soon)

naboonies said...

Hi Anonymous, I always seek for the opportunity to explore around interesting places in Malaysia. Taiping Lake Garden is sooo enticing to wander around and take photos in!

Will check it out later for you whenever I go balik kampung again :)

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