Aug 20, 2013

Two is as good

I'm having too much of festive food the past week and I suppose all the face stuffing is making me bloated a bit too much. And there goes the calories burnt during my jogging sessions (to be honest it's much easier to stack up on calories rather than shedding them, which I unfortunately learned to empathically understand recently). This weekend will be another round of 'open houses'  (a Malay/Malaysian tradition during the month of Syawal where friends and relatives come over for a visit, chat, and more importantly, an eating session) and my mum decided to host on this coming Saturday. Anyhow I had to churn out these not-so-new outfit photos from previous family/friend gatherings, which I find pointless to post given the fact that they're not that extraordinary. But somehow I think not publishing them will mean a waste of lugging the heavy DSLR all over to snap the images in the first place. Happy face stuffing!...

With cheeky, incredibly smart two-year-old Ashraf Iskandar, my cousin's youngest son.
Wearing Dries Van Noten shirt, ASOS Black pants, Nike shoes

Is it me or are all GIF-making apps out there don't have portrait style orientation?
Wearing Agharta shirt, Muji pyjama and pants, Marni at H&M sandals, CĂ©line bag

Words by Hafidzudin Zainal
Images by Zarifah Zainal and Adilah Aidit

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