Jul 12, 2014

Beo Menswear

I hope that I'm using Dunia Fashyon as a platform to introduce new local designers, starting with Chiyo. As Syawal is just around the corner, I think it's the perfect time to talk about what will men wear this Eid Mubarak...

You probably have read/heard about Beo Menswear being bashed on Twitter or Instagram by now. But truth be told, I kinda like the ballsy attempt.

Beo's stuff are unconventional for the staid and rigidly traditional Baju Melayu if you could look closely, there's something for everyone - from the edgy-but-safe zippered design to the rather daring laced number, or even the quirky bow tie hybrid.

But please, please spare the homophobic remarks, people. And for goodness sake if you don't have anything good to say, than don't say anything at all. (It is the holy month of Ramadan, after all)... 

Semi-sheer top, obviously not for the faint hearted 

The bestselling zippered number

Nifty sampin-tying trick

The controversial piece - 'kurta' from lightweight chiffon-y fabric, in camo prints

Another experimental piece - the red lace

The batik hybrid - heard a few comments about it 'not respecting culture and tradition'. Seriously?

All credit goes to the one-man-circus Fahad Ibrahim, who is the person behind Beo Menswear. This young UiTM-grad designer has something else in the making (he's planning to get his line of jackets done but he hasn't found the right tailor yet). He's had a stint in costume making as well, by working for local film productions namely Vikingdom and Merong Mahawangsa. So prepare for newness with the addition of his skills in the talent pool (he mentioned that his passion is costume design).

Just like Isabel Lam's story of Chiyo, Fahad's one of the fledgling names who work by himself from the design process, marketing and straight to running the business. At the end of the day, this maiden collection probably caters to a certain niche in the market. 

I don't deny that there are some aspects that need improvement to make things more sellable to a community that plays too safe like KL but like it or not, his creation brings something new to the table. Ultimately that's what we NEED to see in local fashion scene. Not another watered-down version of whatever's hit in Paris.

Hafidzudin Zainal

P/S: From the looks of the Instagram comments, all is well with the label. Lots of positive comments and orders seemingly pouring in, so I guess that proves something, no?


Anonymous said...

Out of all people who chastised his collection on Twitter I'd say none of them is his target audience anyway. And at such young stage of his career any publicity is a good publicity for him. He just need to digest them in and continue making exciting clothes.

In these days where a Sultan is seen partying with champagne pouring all over the venue and attendees are served the same thing at so-called Islamic Fashion Festival, what is so degrading about his collection?

If I could have one constructive criticism on his collection I'd say he lacks control when playing with feminine shapes. Perhaps using the more masculine materials will help this. Collections from Marie Rydland or Shaun Samson (both CSM grads) should be a good reference.

Keep it up!

Hafidzudin Zainal said...

I agree, none of the crass commenters are on his target list anyway.

Sultans and liquor. What else is new? But I don't dare to speak much lest I get that certain punishment...

Marie Rydland's collection looks so good! Thanks for the heads up!

P/S: I'd like to know about my readers. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at hafidzudinzainal@gmail.com

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