Jul 30, 2014

Syawal in Melaka

Eid Mubarak is now in its full-blown open-house visiting, face-stuffing, and sometimes smile-faking mode as I'm writing this quick post. It's already third of Syawal and I just got back from my dad's hometown in the sleepy and clean town of Alor Gajah in Malacca. Raya this year is slightly different as my uncle decided to organise a small 'kenduri' to pay homage to the family members who passed on, combined with a mini open house, naturally.

Taking the mandatory group photo this year at my aunt's well-manicured garden.

The life-size tiger on the rambutan tree to ward off mischievous monkeys!

Ashraf Iskandar enjoying the juicy rambutan

Aiman falling asleep after a bit too much of ketupat and rendang?

The opposites of a colour wheel match together. In this case, green and orange.

The coolest Raya cookie jar I've ever seen my entire life - Rogue from the 90's X-men series.

I'm still amazed by my own ignorance of not being able to remember the names of my dad's cousins and/or his children. Thus the smile-faking mode is sometimes useful (though not recommended). Oh, and that particular topic-dodging skill is important especially when being bombarded with that marriage-related questions. Oh, my dear aunts...

Abah partaking in the fire-cracker fun 

Right after this we'll be continuing our Syawal celebration up north, at my mom's place in Taiping, Perak. Stay tuned for latest updates on Dunia Fashyon!

Eid Mubarak to my dear readers and have a wonderful time :)

Hafidzudin Zainal

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