Jul 20, 2014

Weekend update

The National Mosque nearing dusk

It's the final week of Ramadan and we have seen a lot thus far. A lot - in a sense that sadness is in the air. Everything's happening around the world, from Gaza bombing to MH17 alleged missile strike. It's quite scary to think that some of the fallen aircraft victims updated their status on social media moments before the tragedy, which had me reflecting on my posts on DF. Will my blog entries become significant after my passing?

Melancholy aside, I'm still going to use this blog as my route for escapism. As for last week, I've been hanging out with a group of friends, including the ones who came to visit from Kelantan. We had iftar together at Serai in Paradigm Mall. My beef noodle was bland - this reminds me to pick a better menu next time. Not forgetting there's the odd self portrait photos of me, that seem to become lesser as time goes by...

Hafidzudin Zainal

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