Aug 27, 2014

Give more colours

If you read my post on my on all things colourful (or too colourful, sometimes), you could understand my apprehension on overly kaleidoscopic hues. Sometimes I do feel confident to wear gaudy colours, but sometimes I feel tired of coordinating and I want only all black wrapping my body. I envy those very disciplined fashion personae with monochromatic/all-white affinity - Ivana Carpio from Love Aesthetics, for example, is so restrained in her selection, that she owns nothing but blanc blanc blanc.  

Having said that I can't really fool myself. No matter how much I love seeing people in Joe Chia head-to-toe all-black madness or Ivana's rigid washed-out white, I myself can't hide my excitement when I see eye-popping hues. But, as contradictory as this might sound, I do feel that my reserved personality with strangers doesn't really match my sometimes-too-gaudy outfits. Such is a split-personality conundrum that I face daily...

However if I could tell you a secret (and at the risk of revealing how hypocrite I am), sometimes I love the attention from my non fashion-y cliques. Plus when I go to a function, dressed in super bright getups like in this post, I feel much confident to let people ogle at my clothes rather than my face. Surprise! I guess it all revolves around my shy versus introvert characteristics that I need to elaborate more on future entries.

But to me I don't need to feel insecure if I have a piece of art like this Kenzo SS2014 shirt on me (60% off, yay!). The wave prints are by the artist Raymond Pettibon, inspired by famed Japanese artist Katushika Hokusai. This collection is something that really strikes me as bold (the graphic prints are quintessential Kenzo) yet wearable. Just look at the promo video by Kahlil Joseph - not necessarily related to the whole collection but it's beautiful! 


Speaking about patterns and colours, East Dane has something related - from clothing to accessories, be sure to visit them for the latest fall/winter offerings. My favourites are as follow:

Alexander Olch pocket rounds (a departure from pocket squares)

A subtle and unquestionable handsome wool bomber jacket by Carven

In love with this contrast raglan sleeve Mac by Christopher Raeburn

Hafidzudin Zainal

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