Aug 4, 2014

Metal Heart

The title doesn't connote a German heavy metal band album, but it's more of my experimental game with not two, but three wearable metallic-hued items:

Item no. 1:
An old pair of Marni at H&M silver sandals that were almost ruined by being stuck in the mud - all thanks to my overtly ambitious attempt to go against the grain in interpreting festival wear at Urbanscapes 2012.

Item no. 2:
A metallic green/cyan shirt, also from H&M, inspired by Burberry Prorsum SS2013 metallic everything. I'm surprised that the coating is still intact (planning to keep the shirt as it's probably my loudest, bravest piece of clothing as yet).

Item no. 3:
My latest frivolous well-thought purchase from the recent summer sale - a pair of Raf Simons classic velcro trainers/sneakers in a combination of colours that are so ugly, they're so good. Leave it to Raf to dictate and educate us a thing or two about pretty/ugly juxtaposition. I love the fact that the summer sales almost coincide with Raya, so buying the shoes is like having a carefree moment with my wallet and telling myself "I deserve this for Raya"...

The acquisition of the sandals alone is memorable - I won't forget how Arman and I waited in line at the wee hours, in drizzle no less, at H&M in Singapore. Don't be fooled by the sandals' feminine-cut and ultra-shiny surface. As the pics below demonstrate, even a potentially repulsive item can be softened by appropriate styling... 

P/S: Thanks Yat for the incredible photos. Loving the end result of your self-deco house!

Hafidzudin Zainal

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