Sep 16, 2014

57 Years of...

The entries on DF seemingly turn into a government website these days isn't it? But don't get me wrong, it's so heart-warming feeling reading/listening to anecdotes on Malaysian unity. And watching Digi Merdeka ad does the same thing (clever play of multi-ethnic terms on 'brother' pulls the right nationalistic string in me). And I've been trying to feel a little bit more Malaysian by spending the Malaysian Day with a 5km fun run yesterday and had a short-but-sweet outing with Jaspreet a few days back. That included eating paneer thosai (my virginal experience), and discovering Tommy le Baker (didn't have any room in the tummy for more bread though). Looking forward to doing a 'heritage' trail of my own to discover the off-the-beaten tracks of Kuala Lumpur next time...

Can't blame the coconut trees for blocking the facade. Tropical trees + 'French' bakery = Malaysia.

Not Tommy.

Tommy FAQ. Not sure what sluggish means in this context though. 

Social media mode on: running towards the Putrajaya bridge with iPhone in hand. Predictable result is - an image blurry as hell. Finished less than 30 minutes, poised in culotte-esque Dri-fit pants, and torso-hugging top.

I've been feeling leisure / sportswear lately (as above head-to-toe outfits shows). And I think Officine Generale has the laid-back, effortless casual look that every guy yearns for. The label is based in Paris and I've read good reviews on it (in Business of Fashion, especially). Public School is also a promising newcomer in premium casual/streetwear. Just look at its unconventional material pairing. Mad props!

Officine Generale embodies that suavely Parisian cool. Left: cross embroidery sweatshirt. Right: slim-fit sweater with a contrast-knit square for added dimension.

Public School casualness: Left: translucent two-layer shirt (70% off!!). Looks cool and conceptual, and still wearable in Malaysian heat methinks. Right: Contrast sleeve sweatshirt.

Happee Malaysia Day!!!

Hafidzudin Zainal

Edit: How a silly dumb I am not calculating properly T__T In the title: It's supposed to be 51 years since Malaysia formation and 57 years of Malayan Independence. Hope I'm not confusing you or further confusing myself LOL.

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