Sep 21, 2014

Seven Cups + Filzah-philia

Finally. Almost considering that I have almost a non-existent social life until I managed to meet a long-time blog reader (can't believe I do have one!). Filzah Athirah is a photographer by trade and it's evident by her effortless attempt in configuring my DSLR settings, which has been normally set to 'auto' haha. Have a look at her beautiful photography website.

Aside from photography, she is a passionate barista and also dabbles in the business of healthy infused water at Project Yummy Water. Despite juggling these three jobs she sounds very enthusiastic about every aspect of her work. I'm genuinely amazed by the fact that she is surrounded by boundless amount of creative energy in all three spheres of occupation - something that might be lacking in my profession :\

We hung out at Seven Cups in Empire Damansara where Filzah does her part-timing. The building has that industrial/rustic feel and the demographic that inhabit the studio space are mostly of the creative type. So does the patronage of Seven Cups (but unlike most other cafés, clutter-free). Listening to Filzah enthusiastically explaining about coffee-centric terminology left me in awe. The soft waffle with maple syrup and iced coffee (can't get around to remembering non-medical terms these days, sorry Filzah) is PERFECT for my non-selective taste buds.

The lower ground floor of Empire Damansara is called Heritage Lane. Basically it is a retail space created in a way that shops/cafés are arranged to promote alfresco-style dining, perfect to entice the young suburban professionals. Exposed brick walls. Check. Leafy walkways. Check. Cool creative-type kids. Check.

The architecture of the surrounding buildings are sleek and beautifully origami-like, which is very typical for this area. At a glance one might get mistaken the facade with the ones in Hong Kong... 

Washroom signage
Arts and craft store below the dining floor
Damansara Performing Arts Centre adjoins the building
Artwork at DPAC lobby
The famous Korean bakery/cafe chain arrived at DPAC already

 After coffee Boat Noodle was the place for dinner - the glass noodles here is a slice of Asian heaven (yes, this was my virginal experience)! What's refrhesing is we get to talk about non work-related-stuff like the creative industry in Malaysia, and some other giggle-inducing stuff as well over glass noodles, can you imagine? Having said that, I'd definitely will return to Empire Damansara for more food/café/boutique exploration...

Before heading home I had the opportunity to witness Filzah's mad skillz in photography. Using my 'gear' she naturally tinkered with my auto default settings and managed to produce this imagery, taken in minimal lighting, no less...

Hand painted hoodie by Takakurazome

Speaking about printed stuff, I'm in love with these offerings from East Dane. Remember guys, you'll get free shipping to Malaysia and more regions for purchases more than USD100 ;)

MSGM marble print shirt

Our Legacy pastel painted shirt

Hafidzudin Zainal

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filzahalfway said...

Okay I've told you in words how I felt about this blogpost but I want to comment jugak! Thank you for your kind words, I am so glad we meet and talked.

Oh you ordered Cold Brew (sorry, really have to clarify that haha)

I'm a fan of your blog since forever and I can't find any faults in your photos (why do you think I stick around for so long?!) :P

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