Oct 4, 2014

Coach fall/winter 2014, Kuala Lumpur

Coach isn't exactly under my usual artistic label focus but I am aware of its commercial success with practical and functional leather-ware. The mammoth brand's reputation has been attributed to its diverse range of handbags that fit casual and office settings (being a household name Coach bags are coveted by my sister, cousins and even my aunts). But what I can say is their previous offerings may be still not necessarily my stylistic cup of tea.

Now that its long-time creative director Reed Krakoff has stepped down the creative director chair, the American label seems to go into a different trajectory with the appointment of Stuart Vevers. With impressive stints at accessories driven labels like Mulberry and Loewe, Vevers is seen to bring a new hope for the rather ailing brand. 

'The designer is well positioned to do so thanks to previous successes at Mulberry, where he created a number of must-have bags and his experience in re-establishing Spanish leather house Loewe, traditionally an accessories-heavy brand'

 Business of Fashion

Fall/Winter 2014 is Coach's maiden journey in ready-to-wear. The sportswear vibe complements the overall casual Americana feel of the handbags. The collection also debuts Coach's venture into footwear. Staying true to its design DNA the shoes are wearable, versatile and decidedly safe. Hence there is no surprise if the shearling boots pony hair booties will be selling very well. The clothes also revolve around the youthful outlook that Vevers intends to project when he holds the creative reins at Coach. The youthful take on fashion is an OK attempt than the safe options we have seen prior to Vevers' position. 

The rocket sweater that may fly off the shelves (pun intended)

As far as menswear is concerned I'm not sure who succeeds Jeffrey Uhl, former senior vice president of men’s design at Coach once he left for a men's design position at Tory Burch. All I can say is the selection of quilted hunting jacket, puffers and leather outerwear in eath tones is sober and practical as ever. What I particularly like from the men's department is the leather backpacks - just as youthful and bright as their lady counterparts.

The event at The Gardens outlet was made interesting with monogramming service for shoppers. Loving the golden lettering, all done by the guy who was all on his own stamping letters upon letters as customers queued in a bee-line. Reminds me exactly of my daily job at the clinic consulting patient upon patient!

Another event-related activity highlight is the lovely hand drawings on a Coach product card with equally lovely signature, done by two artists. I'm marvelling at my personalised piece of callligraphic name and adorable drawings super-imposed on a beautiful backpack. Finally, at least even random bloggers like me are able to come home with a lovely gift that is brag-worthy...

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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