Oct 17, 2014

The mighty medic and Brooke Roberts

Lately I've been rushing towards assignment deadlines (taking a Diplomain Family Medicine) and manning three programmes at the clinic, whilst trying my best not to practice the well-spread 'conveyor belt' medicine. On top of that, I have the audacity of joining a seemingly fast-track program for the elusive FRACGP (click here if you're keen to know what that stands for) - it's a program by MIGHTY MEDIC, hence the title, which is another pathway towards specialty in primary care besides the conventional Malaysian Masters program.

Not sure if you care though but at one point, that smells like a recipe for disaster (juggling things are not my forte - I deliberately flunked a Biochemistry test when I joined my student body Zapin troupe in Russia). But at the same time reading the story of a radiographer-cum-fashion-designer Brooke Roberts about her tech + fashion feat over at Style Bubble is inspiring. She has eighteen years of experience in all things X-ray related, but pursues her creative dreams instead, whilst continuing her day job with NHS!
Dr. Laura-Ann McGill
Brooke Roberts
Radiographer & Knitwear Designer

"The Spring Summer 2015 Collection is a hybrid of MRI brain scans, 3D brain maps from The Allen Institute for Brain Science, 8-bit video games and pixellation. Tank girl comics informed the colour selection and the process of programming digital knitting machines was pushed to the limit through experimentation of brain scan translation and multiple yarn combinations in each garment. The presentation of the collection takes place through a group of Super Women; Women who are pioneers and influencers in the fields and seek to learn something new every day and are curious and engaged with technology"

I'm not trying to compare our two completely different lives, careers and environment but I feel what she's doing is not a small feat. Not really sure where my blogging 'career' is leading either. But it's safe to say that I'm taking one cautious step at a time. So I guess this is a filler post just to show that I'm alive on Dunia Fashyon every two weeks, and that I have wonderful images by Filzah to back this melancholic post up.

For those who can afford to have a weekend, I wish a very happy one with friends and families. I'd be locked away in a hotel-turned-lecture-hall somewhere in KL every weekend from now on...

images by Filzah Athirah

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