Dec 23, 2014

Quartet, Pickle and Fig

Although naturally I am not a coffee person (but I'm quite flexible though), I have been meaning to have a look at the hyped-about cafés around TTDI neighbourhood. Mostly because I love the usually quiet ambience of cafés (save for the contrived coffee chains with their dreadfully default decor, post-pubertal teens and super-sweetened roast). Luckily with a day off I recently I managed to go check out two independent cafés with coffee connoisseur Filzah in tow.

Pickle and Fig is generally a wonderful place to hang out after work, or to have brunch on the weekends. I think this place has already quite a following, judging from their popularity in social media. When I was there, which was around 3.30 pm, the place was calm with a few patronage seen. Thank God the after-work crowd have not set in yet! We had flat white coffees + milk that I love. And there is no need for extra sugar for this one as the natural sweetness is sufficient for the decidedly sweet tooth of mine. Our conversation revolved around our updates and Filzah has something wonderful going on career-wise, and 'm honestly excited for her!

Fiddling with their sugar jar makes a good photo better non? LOL

We went to Quartet later that evening after finding out that few places are closed (Wood and Steel, Mukha) and under renovation (The Grumpy Cyclist). The place is also acceptably quiet and laid back, just like the other joints in its vicinity. The mix-and-match decor made us ponder of Quartet's interior design direction: there are seemingly random mugshots of Adolf Hitler in different poses juxtaposed with punk imagery; there is a clash of repurposed and new furniture). But some features are quite attractive to me, particularly the toilet door (of all places haha!)and the hand washing basin with window panes upcycled into mirrors...

The food that I had was acceptable (not too picky on what I put into my mouth ;). The turkey ham sandwich with cheese with a tad salty, but I like Filzah's sandwich which has lamb in it. I definitely would come again to TTDI to continue my random foray into café culture soon...

Words by Hafidzudin Zainal
Images by Filzah Athirah

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