Dec 31, 2014

Looking back at 2014

It seems like this year has been quite a dormant period for me blogging-wise. Of course, predictably I'd shove the blame of blogpost deficiency to the ever time-consuming work and studies. I plead guilty that all blogging effort has been 'replaced' by the quick and convenient nature of Instagram posts.

There was a moment when I was this close to stop blogging altogether. But looking at the blood, sweat and tears (almost) shed, and the experience Dunia Fashyon has brought me, I think it would be a pity to cease operation that easily. I'm grateful for the DF experience for all the enjoyable (and slightly awkward) moments as a blogger at fashion shows/presentations. Having said that, I wouldn't have another access to a different level of appreciation for photography, had I not met the super friendly budding photographer Filzah Athirah.

There were times when I had great outings/events and I had the opportunity to snap amazing images (to me, at least). But alas, procrastination took over. So here are the images that I have been meaning to upload and share with my reader(s). First and foremost: one of my university mates' wedding reception. Attendance to this ceremony is quite important to us as we were quite close way back when...

Next, a trip to Genting for HIV/Sexually transmitted infections course. Hotel Seri Malaysia was undeniably stuffy and moldy but outside, all I could see was mist, mist, mist. The images are like a 101 photography lesson in perspectives, only badly done...

My cousin Aqilah's wedding was a few months back (please don't bother to ask me when it was, am really bad in date recalling). It was a good time to see back my mum's family side not long after Raya.

Rewinding back during the face-stuffing days of Raya open house: attended Zatul (one of my cool housemanship colleagues).

Day at the Museum (a not-so-lively version of Night at the Museum). Had an educationally fun outing with my mum, nieces and nephew during Sultan Selangor's birthday pub hols.

And lastly, and most recent event, was the second birthday of Eve Nadirah, my ex-roommates Najmi's daughter. It was held in a spacious clubhouse (posh!). That day made me feel like having children LOL!

Adieu 2014, let's usher in 2015 with more medical knowledge, artistic expression and perhaps a fruitful dating session or two!

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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