Feb 24, 2015

Phuket fun

Sometime last month my I friends and I discovered the popular island town Phuket in Thailand. It was definitely a memorable trip! Everyone was so ecstatic with our budget-friendly exploration to this crowded tourist destination. I brought my DSLR along, but unfortunately the battery charger was missing so I had to rely on the existing battery. My battery power died on me on the third day despite efforts to conserve. But I definitely managed to snap a few pics for the blog.

First day of our outing: we arrived early in the morning in Phuket from KLIA2. After a not-so-short nap, we decided to explore places near our apartment, which was perched atop a hill - imagine the huffing and puffing every time we went out! We walked around the neighbourhood under the hot sun, managed to grab a meal and then headed to Patong Beach. Following that we made a turn to the infamous red light street Bangla Road (it was daytime so obviously no action to be seen). Basically we just walked the whole day whilst planning itinerary.
A busy street near our apartment.

We had our first meal at this Muslim restaurant. The food and staff were really nice - I have a special place for Thai food in my heart (or tummy).

The view of our apartment from the street below 

Bright red tuk tuks like this is everywhere in Phuket.

A mini cafe along the road.

Fruits stalls like this is common on the streets of Phuket. Look for the best fruit shake (definitely need to look around, as the better ones are richer in pulp with less sugar). I find the one in Bangkok is way better. 

Shops selling paintings also line the streets. Was looking for something unconventional but alas it was no where to be seen...

Looking at signages with Cyrillic translation puts a reminder of how Phuket is such a Russian destination. I'm seeing Russian each and every corner I turn to. Perhaps Phuket is a cheaper alternative to re-live the medical student moments?

Beach-related trinkets at a shop along Patong Beach

Russian tourists shopping

The beginning of the ever crammed Patong Beach strip is marked with this dolphin statues.

A mini shrine near the beach

Making our way across the street to Patong Beach. 

Street snacks hawker along the beach.

Motorcycles is the cheapest and quickest way to get in and around Phuket island. Unfortunately the non-adventurous me doesn't know how to ride one. We ended up paying a hefty amount of money riding tuk tuks and taxis instead!

Sunscreen shopping never gets any confusing with arrays of products like this.

Naturally seafood is a popular attraction for diners in the island. We went to Kusuma Seafood ( a popular Muslim owned joint) on our third day in Phuket. The food was so-so, with a slightly steep mark in pricing (though some of blogs claims it to be very cheap).

A day view of one of the pubs along Bangla Road, notorious for its tiger shows, ping pong (not really sure what that means though) etc.

Our journey also passed Patong Hospital. It's surprisingly not crowded considering that it looks like it's the only hospital in the island.

To be continued...

Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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