Jan 8, 2015

Islamic Arts and VCR

What a nice way to ring in the new year with a visit to Kuala Lumpur, playing tourist! Our top options of sites to visit were something architecturally and photographically beautiful. So it was as a no-brainer to pick the National Mosque (photos of which are abundant on my Instagram) and the adjacent Islamic Arts Museum as our starting points...

We had the obligatory 'oohs' and 'ahs' at the sight of predominantly white with beautiful pattern accents of the IAMM building. Commencing from the temporary Turkish painting exhibit on the ground floor, we made our way to the upper floors and marvelled at the rich Islamic heritage from around the globe (the artefacts are divided according to countries like India, China, Turkey etc). You know I'm a sucker for prints and geometry, so this is the perfect way to delve into all that. The cafeteria also has a stunning, white washed view - we asked around about banquet pricing (so funny to act like a couple haha), and I think it's quite affordable for such a beautiful venue.

The icing on the cake was ogling at the things sold at the souvenir shop like a kid in a candy store. By far I think this is the best museum souvenir shop in Malaysia - everything on sale is tastefully selected and relevant: printed tiles (very Raf Simons for Dior couture FW2015), pottery, paintings, Islamic calligraphy (we were discussing about our preferences and it was clear that I preferred something 'clean' like Kufi calligraphy while Filzah likes the more elaborate Tsuluts). 

The alley outside the cafeteria, pure Islamic elegance (the view, not my pose).
Extremely elaborate Ipad covers, anyone?
Every section has a corner displaying regal costumes. It's like ancient couture y'all! I really feel like breaking that glass casing and have a caressing sesh with the fabrics...
Things at the souvenir shop- floral motif, a la Raf for Dior:

Pointer for reading the Qur'an (makes a nice hairpin as well), elegant silver letter opener and other accessories
Floral shirt on floral tiles

Later that day we looked for a place to munch. We were in a stumble setting up Waze to look for Barlai at Jalan Sin Chew Kee 3, but were disappointed to find the place is non halal. We headed to VCR instead which is just at the back of Barlai (everyone was raving about the place so I could not miss this place). The atmosphere is calm and I liked the subdued lighting. Peeking out of the windowsill it feels like I was in a foreign city. The food was okay (I had quiche and blueberry cheese cake) while my mocha is justttt nice. But all in all, it is a great place to hang out and talk and let the time fly...

Words by Hafidzudin Zainal
Images by Filzah Athirah

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