Mar 27, 2015

Scha Alyahya x Fashion Valet collaboration

I'm diverting my travel-laden blogpost with local fashion news. Too much of travel does make me miss a bit of frivolity once in a while. Having no ample time to be glued on TV like I used to before, I'm not overly well-versed with the who's who of local entertainment industry, but it's not so easy easy to ignore when it comes to Malaysia's immensely known celebrity Scha Alyahya. With her innate sense of style, it's natural to see her collaboration with notable online retailer of all South East Asian design Fashion Valet come to fruition. The Scha x FV collection features contemporary voluminous silhouettes coupled with the ever so favorable pastel tones and color blocking - predictably going to be received pretty well by the young and urban demographics of Malaysian fashion-conscious girls.

The designs are mainly composed of elegant, flowy silhouettes which are quite versatile and interchangeable - the bottoms are a voluminous affair: flared skants (a hybrid of skirt + pants) and origami-like structured maxi skirts (my favorite pick); the tops include flare sleeved blouses devoid of complicated detailing (save for electric blue zippers and ruched?/rosettes on certain designs) and never to revealing - just hitting it in the right spot for demure, style-savvy fashion demographics.

Ruched detailing that is a welcome change, making this piece stand out from the other tops in the collection

Electric blue zippers as an "edgy" detailing, which appear on some of the pieces

Flared sleeves makes it an easy option to wear for casual and formal events - one trend that I don't see dwindling down any time soon

My fav pick: this pleated/structured skirt which has an origami feel to it (perhaps inspired by Calla flower, which this piece is named as). I wonder how much pressing should be done in order for that fold to take effect nicely, but I'm sure fabric starch products should come in handy...

The collection will be up on FV site on April 2nd with a mid-range price tag between RM129-159, with XS to XXL sizes available. If you're a hardcore fan of Scha, you might rejoice to know that with every purchase, you'd receive of a card digitally signed by Scha herself.

Words by Hafidzudin Zainal
Scha x FV presentation photography by Filzah Athirah

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