Jul 27, 2015

Raya Remixed

Raya is getting into its second week of celebration and this time around it's slightly tweaked for me and family. We opted to celebrate Eid Mubarak near our home and performed the prayers at Masjid Wilayah KL (a definite first for us). There were so many people including foreign workers. But the view inside was amazing! Had only managed to snap using my trusty, fell-for-the-nth-time iPhone 5.

Later on we headed to Istana Negara and played tourist somehow by snapping family portrait in front of the guarded gate. It was a refreshing 1st day of Raya experience indeed! Incidentally the annual palace open house feast was just about to begin with so many people, local and foreign pouring into the gate, getting ready to be picked up by feeder buses.

I had an atypical Raya style in mind this year by wearing Craig Green separates! Needless to say I had a fair share of heads turning, eyes staring and relatives giving out borderline insulting comments (or is it just me taking things too seriously?). My aunt with her popular blunt remarks, unapologetically opined that the pants look like a butcher's apron, while a cousin sneered. As if I take petty things to heart...

3.1 Phillip Lim top, Craig Green samurai trousers, Muji toiletry bag used as clutch

Old season Craig Green frayed shirt (a bargain from Thisappear sale), Korean baggy pants, Adidas Stan Smiths
And completing the back-to-school look in this Adidas Stan Smiths! So happy I am FINALLY on trend!

This year we went to my father's hometown only, instead of the obligatory both side of hometown. We did not go back to Perak as my brother-in-law is confined to his new government official training, on top of my sister's creeping due date. Feels weird not to visit my only living grandparent in Taiping but oh well...

I also visited ex-roomie in Russia Safwan's house near Alor Gajah town. His grandfather has been my late grandfather's close friend as they were teachers in Alor Gajah. We had such fun time listening to his stories reminiscing about the olden days. Safwan's grandmother is also an interesting person to talk to - she seems like a person who has a pragmatic approach to life...

One of the must-visit places was my father's aunt's house. Nek Ndak is a jovial and friendly lady and she defies the typical conception of Malaccan people being harsh and seemingly crass. And apart from the hospitality I always liked the food served during Raya in this house - a departure of typical satiety-inducing heavyweight; they forgo the rendang and ketupat for lighter soto and noodle-based delicacies.

A family portrait with adorable frame

They have changed the partition into this sleek, translucent divider

Nek Ndak, the friendliest grandmother relative ever. She told me about her ailments and her experience being treated at Alor Gajah Hospital recently. Naturally she asked about my opinion and further advice regarding this matter...

 Our final spot before we called it a day on the second Raya was a quick visit to sleepy Alor Gajah town for a bowl of refreshingly icy cendol. Needless to say I took the chance to snap the ancient colonial facades there.

Cendol lady. We were her last customers that day

A much needed time to cool off from the afternoon heat by having cendol

The only row of colonial buildings preserved in Alor Gajah town

1932 facade

I'm curious with what a cafe named Danish Bistro Le'Paq offers in its menu...

The only bustling Kopitiam around town at that moment of time


Words and images by Hafidzudin Zainal

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