Nov 1, 2008

Plaid and Cardigan

I confess I jump into the trend band wagon occasionally. Lately I've been wearing cardigans A LOT (since last spring). I just can't get enough of them! The person who created this garment is a genius (hail ya 7th Earl of Cardigan and those fishermen in the 17th century who wanted to keep their bodies warm, fashionably).

I totally love the wearability and the functionality of a cardigan. You may call me a hipster but for me this is too good not to be tried by myself. A cardigan is so flexible and can be combined with a funky colourful t-shirt for a fun day and some monochromatic ones for a more put together look. A crisp white shirt underneath is also suitable for that subtle elegance that I've been trying pull off, but alas, to no avail. Here in this picture I tried something that I already have in my wardrobe: a salmon checkered shirt and a grey cardigan (I've been wearing this one almost every day!). I've been wanting to invest in a high-quality cardigan but unfortunately have to save my dough for something special (I'll tell you later).

Good old grey cardigan

Yet another breezy number: plaid salmon-colored shirt

Loving these shoes!
  • Cubus cardigan
  • Daniel Hechter plaid shirt
  • H&M skinny jeans
  • Clarks shoes

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Anonymous said...

mana gambar cardigannya?

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