Nov 1, 2008

Oh no she didn't!

This morning my sister buzzed me through YM. I thought it was going to be our typical conversation about how things are going with our lives etc etc... But this time it's different - she wanted to brag about her new handphone!!! Gosh I thought I won't give a damn as I'm not really into techno and stuff but once I saw the images of the phone, I shat my pants y'all! Lo and behold it's the new Sony Ericsson C902 Titanium Silver - The James Bond Edition!!!

Look at the sleek and simple design of the phone! Me likey!

Ooh aahh.. Mr. Daniel Craig looking haute. Check out the matching colour of his eyes and the box!! Click click for a better view of his gorgeous eyes!

For you techno junkies out there, here are some of the phone specs:

The C902 Cyber-shot is a HSDPA phone featuring a 5.0 megapixel camera with face detection and auto focus in a slimline, stylish body. The C902 Cyber-shot has eight camera touch keys that illuminate in camera-mode, enabling easy camera option selection. The C902 also features a 320×240 pixel 262K TFT QVGA display, 160MB internal memory, picture & video blogging, media browser and Media Manager PC software.

The C902 is based on Sony Ericsson’s Java Platform 8 (JP-8), supporting Mobile Services Architecture (MSA) JSR 248, the next-generation Java umbrella standard. Mobile 3D gaming is enabled by Mascot Capsule v3, Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR 184) and OpenGL ES API (JSR 239), and boosted by motion sensor access with JSR 256.

Obviously I don't understand the technical jargons but the 5.0 megapixel camera with face detection sounds good enough for me!! Hmm is that all I know about how to buy a good phone? Even I am laughing at myself! Haha!

Quantum of Solace (the latest Bond instalment) will be out in Volgograd theaters next week. Anybody want to join me watch it?


magma3637 said...

lets watch it at cinema park, europa city mall \(^^)/

Anonymous said...

I am not really into the phone..

..but I'll kill you over for that box with David Craig on it

naboonies said...

@magma3637: sounds fun! is the cinema bigger than others in Volgo?

@anon: LOL. that box will never be yours! once again dear it's DANIEL not DAVID. Craig David is a singer! haha.

khalid said...

bape harge fon ni kat msia?

Ca said...

I bought my phone just for the looks, still have no idea after a year about all the functions and such! It's all black, shiny and very slim... love it. But I'm not so techy myself, I could easily carry a heartshaped (preferably with glitter and sequins on too!) phone with no camera around if I could make calls and send insane amounts of text messages with it. Haha!

Skyblur said...

the phon cost me rm1699 because of 'special edition' thingy..uhuhuh...i bought extra 1 gig memory card for rm60...isn't it cool?...uhuhuh...i got live poster of daniel craig, rm15 touch n g card with daniel craig 2 premiere tickets to catch the movie at pavillion...jgn jeles...uhuhuhu...the phone is so thin...had to be careful all time..yer ler...tepon baru la katekan..uhuhuuhu...anyway, the 5.0 MP is the best features so far...with some picture editing and can make a slide presentation with complete transitions and need to use movie maker or powerpoint anymore....uhuhhu....not sure if u get it...warkahkah

naboonies said...

@Khalid: see skyblur's comment below for further details of the phone.

@Ca: I know right! In the same situation here. I bought a MotoRAZR D&G phone few years back for an insane amount of money and still loving it (But I could use a new phone, though).

@skyblur: wow.. that's a lot of stuff that come with a phone! Powerpoint? Movie maker? what's that? =P

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