Nov 14, 2008

The Bag Hag

I confess I'm a bag hag. Yes, I loooove them bags like a girl worships her latest 'It' bag (whatever that means, 'It' bags are obsolete anyway). Don't blame me cause it's all these crap that I bring all the time. Hello! They need some roomy space to be in, hence the ginormous bags preference over the teeny weeny ones. My old (one year of age) Reebok holdall needs to be substituted temporarily - as the Reebok is quite a looker AND a gift from dear roomies, I shall use it again soon enough though . Meantime another bag has found its way into my already-crammed wardrobe. Don't laugh just yet. It's another sports label, but pleaseee don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case, don't judge a bag by its label.This time the lucky sac is a grey gym bag from Adidas by Stella McCartney line!

Under the right light this bag is of greyish-purplish hue. This picture makes no justice!

Check out the 100% polyester lining (haha) - nifty eh?

I just love the military-esque structure of the bag despite its original purposes i.e to put towels, your stinky + sweaty hoodies/sweats, shower gel and whatnot in it. Well the bag has some bands of the same colour overlapping each other, creating a more 'military' look. Not to mention the space - it's so spacious I can fit half my body into the bag! Well this just solves my problem of cramming my stuff into small bags. Now all my junks, books, spectacles case etc can be dumped into this lovely bags in mere seconds. Talk about money's worth! Heha!! And don't you just love the shiny buckle ? Just a little dose of feminine touch, not too much that it screams 'Hey look I'm a DIVA!' (as if I'm not already).

Told ya it can fit half of my body!

My new bag reminds me of Eastpak X Raf Simons rucksack collection (above pic). Yay for me for achieving the look with less money!

The greyish-purplish hue is also easy on the eyes and not too feminine (well A by SM line is totally aimed for female audience, but hell nay I won't let all the bitches scoop the cheap glory of a designer bag for a sports line. Cheap girls out there you think I don't know your cunning tactics? - if you can't afford the MAIN Stella M line at least the Adidas one is applaudable, right? I'm absolutely jumping on the cheap wagon especially during this recession period. Really? What recession? The malls in Volgograd are sprouting like mushrooms and people shop more than they ever do before. HAHA. Well I think this is a justifiable purchase as the price was slashed 70% off! (well Naboonies, keep on justifying what you buy, soon you'll be eating cheap noodles for a month. ;D)


your sister said...

damn!love the bag so much!
stella mcCartney~~so cool!

Ca said...

Haha, oh gosh it's big! I like roomy bags too, but more into the old looking and nostalgic leather bags. To be hones I'm not a true bag hag... I'm ashamed to say it but I love shoes more!

I want a gray pair of dress shoes from Bruuns Baazar for my birthday! But I seriously have to pull a bank robbery to get the funds, haha.

Skyblur said...

Aduh........ape la adik aku kurus sgt ni...please EAT......will ya?:)

naboonies said...

@ma sistah: i know aite? loving it more!

@Ca: I'm into those kind of bags you described too, but I just lack the resources to find a suitable one i.e there's no shop in Volgo whc sells great-quality, nice-looking and most improtantly affordable leather bags.All they have are 'Italian' style bags whc are nauseating!.

@skyblur: ablg kurus? halo? org mkn ok mcm biase je. ni nk jage bdn la ni. ahaha.. gamba je tu..

angelus_izika said...

wow..lets spell h.u.g.e...

anyway, I wore a huge beg once, how come nobody gave me good words then??

and,u're so cunning to grab a Stella McCartney bag - through Adidas line..

I will need u when I shop for a new bag...later..

naboonies said...

@angelus: you had a HUGE bag? where? never noticed it ;P.

you know you can always count on me when it comes to shopping!

jellyfungus said...

i wanna know all your brothers and sisters. haha.

hello kakak dan abang hafiz!

H&F said...

love the bag...

i want one because i pretty much carry my whole life inside my bag

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