Nov 12, 2008

The craziness is on!!!

Rei Kawakubo must be excited to see her line for Comme Des Garcons X H&M selling like hot cakes. Well all I can say is natch! The collection was unveiled first in Tokyo on my birthday! (read previous post for those not in the know). God how I wish somebody in the virtual world reads my wish list and send me one of those delicious shirts ;). Approximately over 2000 fashion enthusiasts showed up at the Swedish fast-fashion giant flagship store, with queue-up lines around the block. My, my, I can't even imagine how it feels like being among such ginormous amount of people to buy the limited edition pieces! If I were there I'd be gasping for air or just gave up and be gone home in no time.

The rain and cold doesn't deter them to shop!

Oooh aahh!!

Images from Hypebeast.

It'll be interesting to know how the collection will be received by the Europeans and the rest of the world .The worldwide release date is set on 13th of November. Hell nay that's the day after tomorrow! Why, tell me why Russia does not even have a single H&M store? Hello!!! Moscow is the new Milan and the nouvelle riche haven!

Sometimes all we can do is wait, and wait, and wait.


schmike said...

hey m8. u bettah enjoy wearin these kinda outfits while ur still there.
msia weather gives u wet armpits as extra accessories!!

/*but there'r still timberlake wannabes topman fetishists who would rather go with style --> but can they just take off their sunnies in e shopping mall toliet plz*/

naboonies said...

@schmike: hallo matey! Am really making use of all the few months left to rock the extra layers before heading back to sunny + humid homeland. LOL at armpit accessories!

*Those topman indie-wannabe better stay way from me. can malaysia get more poseur than that? hehehe

Ca said...

Gosh... I do like a few items from the collection but it's not worth the waiting in lines for hours, getting elbows in your face and knees in your eeeh, crotch. Haha, such madness! I'll just stop by the day after and see if there's anything left.

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