Nov 6, 2008

Kicked in the boot

This week the thermometer mercury level is falling and falling. If the forecast is accurate tommorrow will be the first day of subzero temperature! This calls for warmer cardigans and of course, winter boots! I've been looking for a nice, affordable pair (I won't be having the good ol' Russian winter come next year so what's the point of buying an expensive pair?). Recently I've been perusing the shops around Volgograd to look for the ultimate..well, for one season only, pair of leather lace-up boots. Here are the pics that I gathered:

Boots above are from Carlo Pazolini. They look nice but too freaking expensive!

As I made some research on the trusty internet I stumbled upon this website - Ralf Ringer Shoes, a Russian company selling men's shoes (yes, only men's!). 3 points for making me in love with their shoes:
  1. They have some decent-looking boots
  2. Their price is relatively affordable
  3. And they have shops here in the cesspool Volgograd! Yeehaw!

This is by far my favorite model - high above the ankles, lace-up and kinda raw-looking.

Or perhaps I should try these wing-tip boots? I'm thinking they're hard to pair with my jeans.

Or should I resort to this one? No lace-up = easier, no more Khalid waiting for me; I take forever to put on shoes.

Or, finally, this one? Kinda like the elastic band at the sides. Easier to put on too.

And tadaa.. my inspiration for these boots is none other than The Sartorialist's pic:

So.. what do you think? Should I buy a new pair or just wait for an angel to bring me new ones?


angelus_izika said...

I like the raw-looking one..U really can pull that off...

I'm gonna sound Khalid sighing soon la eh? since there's laces ...

malchik said...

among those 4 boots. i prefer the 1st one and totally look good in you.. sdar.

btw. how about price? tell me ya if you purchase it.

naboonies said...

@helmi: really? you think so?
@malchik: wow you're the second person to tell me to buy them! Wish I can pull it off.

The price is around 3500 rub. not too expensive, but not cheap either. sigh......

khalid said...

why would i be sighing?? lol

Ca said...

Aaah, so many shoes... decisions! I see that you're aiming for black ones, probably for the best. Easier to style. I have three pairs of black boots, haha! But none laced up... hmmm... no, I shouldn't even think about getting another pair!

And about belting the trenchoat and other winter coats, yes, people do stare but I don't really care. I say go for it, have fun, go mad!

safwan said...

i love the boot in ur 1st pic 2nd fr left. but carlopazolini is beyond reach :P, if u ask me, find a sleek one with simple design and no lace.

khalid said...

slow blogger!! it's been 3 days and no new post?!! show some commitment please..

jellyfungus said...

i totally dig the first one.

btw, happy birthday ;)

should go out and celeb. yay!

angelus_izika said...

when I was having a meeting with some russian hot-shot few days back, I saw him wearing the 4th type boot you described above..

it looked totally awesome on him, but of course, he got long legs,and bla2...and he told me he got it from EKOLAS store

i am, however, to ashame to ask if I could take a picture of it

still,i think ppl will gawk if u pull the 1st one

khalid said...

still no post.. boooooo

naboonies said...

@khalid: you'd sigh because you'll have to wait for me (or not) tying up all the shoes laces! tadaa..finally a new post! happy now? ;)

@ca:show me your boots pics! thanks now you give me the inspiration to experiment style in public!

@Safwan: I know i like that too..lace or no lace? that's really mind-boggling! hmm..

@jellyfungus: thanks honey! OMG should meet up and celebrate!!

@angelus: hoho. next time give me some pics! Might as well post in the blog and we can drool over together ;)..thanks again for the present!

we could grow up together said...

now u make me wanna buy a pair of the wingtip boots

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