Nov 9, 2008

Wishes do come true

Am sorry for not updating this blog for a while, as I'm drowned in school work thanks to the Clin. Pharm. teacher, who has a splitting image of Queen Michelle from Kingdom Of Style!!

Image from KOS
OMG, the fringe, the bone structure, the pasty skin! It's so similar!

Anyways, while I was away I'm sure many of you don't realise that my birthday was just YESTERDAY! Whoa! One year older, err... wiser, another year of diving into adulthood. Well, time to contemplate: My resolution for the n-th birthday:
  1. Lose weight, add height, be skinny, don't eat. LOL
  2. Combat skin imperfections
  3. Not to be forgetful Lucy - I just left my beautiful present at the hostel! (what did I leave? talk about that later)
  4. Be less ignorant about surroundings (yes, that's to be improved yet)
  5. Buy less expensive crap (CHEAP is the new chic - according to Jason, Betty Suarez's nephew)..well expensive is relative. In my case all things without discounts are EXPENSIVE
  6. Less excuses, less complaints
  7. Be more competent, not just about doing all the work without proper credit
  8. Be sociable. huh?
  9. Master Russian Language
I enjoyed and had a blast celebrating birthday last night!! Thanks to all ppl who made that happen - fellow housemates and hostel peeps! Loves loves to you guys! Gosh my stomach was bloated with all the scrumptious food, not to mention delicieux cakes and waffles! (talk about resolution no.1).=P

Tasty cake (not to mention halaal) by housemates. thanks Sua!

waffle by Malchik

Had loads of fun dressing up, be over the top, be crazy (quoting Ca's comment). Finally all the crazy accessories bought during thrifting got to be used last night. Hope you don't lose your voice over the 2.5-hour long karaoke session. (And for the lower floor inhabitants.. sorry, it's just this one night of noise!)

Birthday parties are not complete without presents. In my case, lo and behold... what my dearie bitchies got me:


Holy yohji yamamoto rei kawakubo !!!! COMME DES GARCONS dream come true! I truly shat my panties y'all!

In conjunction with their CDG X H&M line I've been obsessing over the CDG 2 100 ml perfume (which smells really good) for ages. Thanks for listening to my wish!! God bless y'all.(You know who you are!) Muahs are not enough here. Even though I can't afford CDG Homme Plus shirts yet, this is the best way to get my mitts on CDG stuff! Good ol' moolah where are you?

As usual style shots are more to follow:

My going-to-class outfit as a happy birthday boy:

  • Sweater thrifted
  • Scarf Castro
  • Jeans H&M

My party outfit last night:

  • Cardigan Cubus
  • Scarf shirt Cheap Monday
  • Pouch Henrik Vibskov
  • Belt Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Pants Sisley

kkkkerazzy !!! Sheer trend spring 08 is over? Zebra prints galore!
  • Sheer shirt thrifted
  • Fur hat friend's
  • Zebra plush toy friend's
*All pics photo-chopped by Mr Najmi, thanks a bunch!!

That's all! Now back to student life, time to dig the books - tomorrow there'll be a big test with 'Queen Michelle'. God where's my aspirin?


Ca said...

I know it's late but still: CONGRATULATIONS!

Looks like you had a blast, haha. Cake is always the solution!

ktk said...

You better werk that Commes des Garcons of urs!!! =p

so i went to Singapore the other day, saw & scored few hot items of the season for my 'private client'(u know who..)

shhh..i miss talking to u

ps: i got a new job

khalid said...

phew!! finally.. hope u enjoyed ur bday party!!

naboonies said...

@Ca: Thanks yea! Delicious cakes and great friends to celebrate my birthday with. What more can I ask?

@Qtc: Will werk it babe!

I knew u went to Red Dot: somebody's been using ur YM id when u were gone! hehe.

I bet the stuff you got are not available/overpriced in Msia. Choyy kan.

Miss ya even more! YM please.

New joB? hell nay!!

@khalid: haha. thanks for waiting. and for the cake and riviera and all that stuff.

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