Nov 5, 2008

The Bow Tie Story

Today is the Day of People's Unity (День народного единства) in Russia. There was nothing much going on cause I had to stay at home unless I wanted to get bashed by the neo-Nazi skinheads outside . (Read the link above, you'll know why). No. Scratch that. To prevent myself from falling into the endless black hole of boredom I really did go outside: I went to Helmi's house and had a blast eating beautifully-rolled sushi and delishhh roasted chicken by Helmi and some tasty salads + smoothies by Miss Neemo. Later on we watched a re-run (at least for me) of The Notebook. This movie is truly a romantic one. How sweet! How many of you guys has seen this movie? The costume chosen was impeccable! Was the movie set in the 50's? I can't seem to recognise them !(well have to dwell more on fashion history I suppose). Any inputs from you guys?

My simple task of all: make garlic bread :)

Yumylicious susheeee!!

Time to chow some food!

The Notebook: Google Ryan Gosling now!

Well on a related note my outfit today is a laid-back with a twist - some plain t-shirt with a huge BOW TIE.I got this beautiful item at Beyond Retro on a trip to Stockholm last summer. Today I got inspired by Alexis Mabille (whose collection is maaaad about bows) and Ca from thecablog! Gurl you got some pretty bow ties there!

*Pics by photog Mr Najmi
    • T-shirt Vivienne Westwood
    • Pants U2
    • Trench coat thrifted
    • Bow tie Beyond Retro Stockholm
    • Belts Thrifted
    • Socks Topman

Now now I know my BT is not very similar with the ones below, but still! These are totally inspiring. Ca, take note ya! Adorable bow ties aren't they? Pics from Alexis Mabille website.


khalid said...

sedap nyer makan.... slurpppp..

Ca said...

Most of my bow ties are secondhand. Some I've received as gifts (the white one) while the rest I've thrifted myself (the bigger deep red one). There is this marvelous shop in Oslo where you can get really nice ones at a reasonable price level.

But hey, thanks for the tip about Alexis Mabille! How decadent and suave... I want a huge bow tie too!

Ca said...

And that DIY sounds good. Though you have to be careful and make sure that the cable knit piece doesn't dissolve or get ruined when you chop it off the sweater. Been there, done that! Haha... I'm so impatient at times, just jumping into things without thinking them through...

naboonies said...

@khalid: you had a taste of that too!

@Ca: Love love your bow ties! No problem we should exchange tips more often :)Yes Alexis Mabille's stuff is gorgeous, the collection is really put together.

I hope the DIY thing gets through, although I fear I'll be chopping the wrong parts (a cable knit sweater is almost impossible to cut , am I right here?)

hilariouskozac said...

oh my eff-ing God!
i love the trench coat!!
its cute!!!

btw,bout the boots..i think the 3rd one looks good..

hilariouskozac said...

oh my eff-ing God..
that trench coat is super duper cute..i love it!!!
btw,the boot,i think the third one looks good~

naboonies said...

@kozac: the trench is cute kan? it's reallly cheap, even your t-shirt costs more!
I'm really on the fence about which boots should I buy. But I'm really into the first boot, though. Guess have to wait till the good ol' sales to make the best option!

your sister said...

love everythig but especially the trench coat..
if only kita boleh pakai kat malaysia..><
delicious nutricious~sedap gile sushi!
happy birthday my dear brother!

JEYQ said...

i LOVE your interpretation. killer coat.

kotok said...

mee-ohh-myy. am loving the trench so much!

u remind me of s'one on the way u hucnch in the earlier pic. Racquel Z is datchu? =p


ps: i see someone has candles to blow on her last Russian bday =) may you have all the health & wealth in the world xoxo

naboonies said...

@ ma sistah: ya la hoping that Msia has cool climate, that sushi was not only beautifully done, but delish too! Thanks for the wish sayang!

@jeyq: well hello fellow blogger, welcome to my blog! thanks for commenting! Looking forward to communicate with more guy fashion bloggers!

@kotok: thanks2 dearie. cheapo bargain je the trench. Raquel Z is daaat chu? haha

Merci ma cherie! Je suis tres content! C'est ma 23ieme anniversaire!

Ps: thinking this is my last Russina birthaday makes me wanna weep! But I'll see u guys in Msia soon!

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