Nov 15, 2008

Give me butterflies

For an average Joe a neck wear is simply defined as 'a necktie', or 'a bow tie' at most. But when a designer steps over the rigid boundaries of menswear and creates these beautiful pieces, the above-mentioned definition seems obsolete. It is a moment like this that makes my heart flutter and leap with joy. To see a new item that is unusual and eye catching is rare these days, when most big fashion houses tend to water down their designs in order to sell them easily in the mass-market world. However it's an opposite for Timo neck wear: this label takes risks with unconventional designs; the bow ties and draped collars seem to work well with the gender-bending issue which deserves attention today. The items look apt on the models regardless of their sex, at least for my untrained eyes. The most interesting piece for me is of course the draped/ruffled/ tiered piece, made from satin and the leather bow tie bib. The Russian word for a bow tie (babochka galstuk = 'butterfly tie') is spot on regarding the feeling that the Timo pieces gave me.

Favorite No.1: Satin Draped Neck (middle pic)

Fave no. 2: Leather Bow Tie Bib (last pic from left)

Bow tie variations
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I believe that a drapey/ruffle structure on the neck is absolutely unique and interesting - no wonder we keep seeing ruffled front bibs on the runway for the past few seasons. I'll try to prove to you that it's not an impossible task to don such things, hell even though a guy is not traditionally inclined to wear such a 'feminine' item or wanted to be seen with this kind of ornament on his neck! At the end of the day it all depends on individual interpretations on what 's beautiful, what's not.

  • Scarf with random silver rosette thrifted
  • T-shirt H&M x Siggi Egertsson collab
  • Jacket MNG


Ca said...

Oooh, good remakes! Love the drapes. And the bending of rules and what's appropriate for males or females are long gone.

We wear what we want.

I want a black leather bow tie too, how fierce! Haha!

lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

The scarf :)

naboonies said...

@Ca: Thanks, it was a one-in-a-thousand scarf i found in the uninteresting thrift store in Volgograd.

People need to widen their fashion sense horizons in order to accept the fact that Androgyny is in, since Marlene Dietrich wore her first tuxedo in 1930's.

Yes, the bow ties make you drool right?

@lilien: Thanks for dropping by! You have a lovely blog!

jellyfungus said...

all your fashyon new frens are aiteeee!

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