Nov 17, 2008

Last leaves of autumn, January where are you?

A detail shot - look at the textured socks!
Time flies is what they say. I for one do not realise that the season is creeping towards winter - a season I always dread, evidently because the endless cold and gloomy days. Oh I just shiver at the thought of walking in ankle-deep snow which quickly melts into disastrous mud the next day.

But trying to convince myself that this is my last winter, I might muster some positive attitude towards the days ahead. Yes, this is the season where people are generally clad in all black, chunky and hideous knee-length boots or even the overly trendy patent accessories.

I question myself. Must this apply to me? It's easier to say no, but in reality there's no easy exit for style - sometimes I just run out of creative ideas to concoct an interesting head-to-toe outfit, hence the oft-repeated use of the MNG jacket, Sisley sweater, Clarks brown shoes and H&M grey skinnies. Oh I don't even have to write the outfit details for you guys - you probably have memorised all the key items I featured here! (In short I just don't have the 'greatest' resources to combine into a beautiful masterpiece). Hmm, must get another exciting pieces...

Oh how I wish this old city that I call second home has interesting vintage shops as this is the best and cheapest way to whip up a fashionable outfit. All that Volgograd has are shonky overstock outlets which sources are from the filthy sales bin from UK high-street stores. Well, that's where I get most of my junks anyway. Ergo, the occasional trip to the 'real' Europe is highly anticipated for me to purchase more delectably rare items. January please come faster!

*Post-edit: Pics in the park taken by Neemo!


khalid said...

yeay!! not bad huh? dunia fashyon!!

jellyfungus said...

NB! pictures taken by me. HAHAHAHA. OK.

Anyway, you still havent passed me those pictures yet. I hardly see you in lectures. Si Helmi tu lagi la.
Wei, sedar sikit. Next year dah nak grad wei.

Much love!

p/s: I've always loved all your outfits albeit the repetitionz.

naboonies said...

@ khalid: yea finally! now it's time to change the URL. how ah?

@ jellyfungus:
OMG. Totally forgot to credit you!
will do post-edit later.

I thought Helmi gave you the pics? weird. Sokay I'll pass u in a thumbdrive, whenever i come to lecture. heha.

Lecture= sleep = grad. HAHAHAHA!

Thanks for admiring my not-so-admirable outfits. XO!

Angelus said...

Thats me!! oMG thats me in your blog!! And all this time i thought a fat-hag wouldnt have a place in your hip 'dunia fasion'!!

I on contrary find winter a bit palatable. Noting that winter is the only time where i can hide my bulk beneath my lovely ZARA overcoat.

Btw,lectures..notes to self : must attend next lecture. Notes to jellyfungus : i wish i could attend more lectures,but im in passive-aggressive war with someone,;more private rant later..

jellyfungus said...

khalid bile nak start blogging? wuwuwuwu.

naboonies, pic #2 is perfect. mwah.

Ca said...

Aaaw, cute! Good times with friends, I also love to play among the leaves. Such a kid, really, haha!

Oh just work with what you've got. Being creative is a lot harder than making new purchases. A style challenge, don't you agree? But I can understand the somber feelings of Autumn and Winter. You just have to get something new to make you feel lighter. But good for us that we're both poor students, haha.

Fadly Kharie said...

sdar, want to change the blog address? go to setting, then go to publishing after that change it at the address..

ok have fun!great blog btw

Eka Nazhwa said...

nice blog, and loving yr style. :)

Anonymous said...

nice pic...asal aku x di jemput main daun skali??

magma3637 said...

any idea about your winter outfit so far? autumn seems to end earlier this year.

JEYQ said...

i LOVE your bag and socks! & actually my thighs are quite LARGE but i don't care and still buy em! haha.

thank you =]

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