Nov 21, 2008

Welcome to Dunia Fashyon!

You must be wondering what's up with the new blog title? Well it's an absolutely funny story to tell. Did you watch Zoolander (a movie in the 2001 )? Yes, the one which has Ben Stiller play a loony male model competing with his close rival (Owen Wilson)?

At the end of the movie when Zoolander was thanked by the 'Prime Minister of Malaysia' for saving his life from the evil Mugatu, Zoolander responded ( In Bahasa Melayu):

Bagi pihak dunia fashyon
Translation: On behalf of world fashyon

Sama-sama, Perdana Menteri.
Translation: You're welcome, Prime Minister. (prime rib of Propecia huwatt??)

HAHAHA. That just cracks me up! The translation was deliberately inaccurate and Ben's accent was sooo funny! Can you imagine, I've seen this movie years ago and I still remember that line? I was so inspired by the tacky misspelling and the peculiar sound the word 'fashyon' makes.

Come and say it loud with me .. FASH-YONNNNN!!

And then altogether with Khalid's incessant nudging I decided to change the blog header. Well, admit it, the previous blog title is not so catchy and too long for some to remember ( yes, I'm loooking at you!) Now I'm contemplating to change the URL to 'Dunia fashyon' as well. What do you think? Will the new address confuse my loyal readers? (heha as if I have many of them =P)

On a not-so-related note: November is full with people's birthdays. In this month alone it's my birthday, my brother's and sister's, my close friends', and not to forget, Ca's. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you guys happy birthday in advance (or a belated one). Have fun in November!

P/S: Happy belated birthday to dearie sis !!!


lilienblaueleuchtreklame said...

No problem, my pleasure :)
and you know, I really like your Adidas Bag ;)

Terencesambowrites said...

haha i totally enjoyed zoolander

Terencesambowrites said...

do drop by n check out my blog mate :o)

Ca said...

Hahaha... that movie is so funny and silly! Fashion for the world!

Thank you for the congratulations! Crazy I will be, haha!

That cardigan is so good and warm, 70% wool, pretty good for H&M in my opinion. When it comes to high street like Zara, H&M and such, you just need a lot of training, a good eye and a cool mind. Have to consider both price and quality. Never rush. And sometimes you're just lucky! My patterned cardigan has been with me for a while, love it.

mike said...

the PM in dat movie looks sleepy too!!

jellyfungus said...

loved zoolander!

magma3637 said...

not bad. easier to remember compare to

hue hue hue.

naboonies said...

@lilien: thanks a many! Yah the bag is precious. At least for now. haha.

@ terence: thanks for coming by and writing comments. Surely I'll hop on to your blog!

@Ca: That movie is better the SATC the Movie I think. haha. such irony.

Hope you had a blast!

Still in the search for the ultimate cardigan. Hmm. Maybe luck is what I need.

@Mike: Maybe he was?

@ Jellyfungus. moi aussi!

nv said...

JHAHAHAHAH I LOVE THIS MOVIE. It's one of my favourites of all time (L)

LJ said... that movie too. I had trouble figurin out what ben stiller said in BM..only managed to catch him sayin "sama2". Haha..thanks for the translation.

the cool thing bout the movie is the list of casts. Man!!..Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Natalie Portman, David Duchovny..and so many many more!!

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