Nov 3, 2008

Three is a trend

oFrom now on I'll be occasionally posting my version of The Sartorialist street style shots. But of course a photo from a phone camera won't do any justice to the beautiful details. Unfortunately all the pics that follow are candid-hence-the-back-shot ones, because a) I can't make it in time to take their photos before the bus comes b) I'm a good old shy boy who fears that people may think that he's nuts for wanting to capture people's faces without no apparent reason). I hope soon enough I could muster the courage to ask random passersby if I could take their pictures.

By the by I love how Volgograd people wear blue, especially electric blues! Arguably here the elderly tend to have more original style compared to the younger generation (I think that the reason is presumably most of the outfits are vintage or bought in the thrift stores).

Above: Look at the sailor-boy. I guess he just got back from navy school!

Above: Loving this babushka's style. My eyes really appreciate the electric blue parka?/anorak? paired with that colourful skirt. How refreshing!

Above: This dedushka's style is not bad as well, despite the rather uninspiring ensemble .

That's all! Happy Unity Day!


angelus_izika said...

sailor boys look cute...cant be cuter than neemo's him here!!!

i love the tight pants, it really bring out

babushka tu..u bior benor!!!

safwan said...

weirdly i love the babushka the most
bygkan blue trench skirt with those prints + black leggings wow! + heels of cos

magma3637 said...

even the babushka n dedushka? sdar, get real. huhu. found this blog : check it out (",)y

naboonies said...

@angelus: Of course Neemo's sailor boy is beyond belief!
The 'shape' was incidental. I did'nt mean to bring your focus there. It should be about the 'outfit'.LOL!
I'm liking the babushka's choice of color. Of course the silhouette is not interesting. But I think a lot of oldies in Volgo can pull
off bright colors, don't u think?

@safwan: touche! it's beautiful in a weird way kan? ya totally with you baout the leggings and heels thing. If we slap this outfit onto some 20-y.o girl, it will be phenomenal!

@magma: yep and yep. I'm interested in the combination of garments, not the silhouette per se. I saw the link u gave already. Sorry not to my liking! ;p

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