Jan 10, 2009

Navy blue jacket and new heading

Today is the last day of my 10-day off from school. I've been in lazy mode this first week of January - blame the holiday atmosphere and the imminent and unavoidable examination. Seriously, I'm really really lazy nowadays - all I've been doing lately is watch movies on my laptop and hang out at friends' places AND a little studying (god.. .Public Health is one thing, learning it in Russian is another). Thus blog entries on style and fashion is scarce, much apologies.

Okay, not to bore you with another line ranting, I've been meaning to upload these Marks and Sparks jacket pics that I got last 2 weeks, thrifted at my usual VPV store. The cut and the color attracted me immediately to try it. At a first glance it looks like a Telekom technician's jacket (as in, one of those workers coming to your house in case of a telephone line breakdown). But after examining it a little more my mind started to make mental drawings of the combination possibilities of this jacket. The navy blue color is my favorite, and I think it is versatile to go with almost any shirt in my wardrobe... The best color to with is of course grey and blue, but for a little cheeky attempt I can also wear this with plaid shirts, yellow basic tee and some geometric print shirt:

Weekday plaid shirt, Benetton plaid shirt, B.U.M grey tee

Inside shirts: U2 basic tee, H&M x Siggi Egertsson shirt, Sisley powdery pink shirt
click click for a better view

I also think that the header image image of my blog needs some revamping and originality (sorry the previous picture is obviously stolen from the one of look books widespread over the 'net, please don't sue me!) . So without taking much time I decided that this jacket will be on the header photo. After some photochop dramas I finally had it done. Oh well the result is not that grotesque (for me at least, if you think otherwise, please state so), but some resizing is absolutely much needed. Nah, it'll be next time, when I have much time after the exams.

the background is sooo blue the jacket doesn't stand out!

Well at a second glance the jacket still looks like a technician's, but having the I-don't-care attitude I still like this piece as it will be one of my most worn jacket come spring....

Post edit:
Doesn't the color of my jacket remind you of the ubiquitous YSL one?

image style.com

One can only dream!


angelus_izika said...

I love when u combine it with that yellow thingy u wear in the inside

and...header looks great

and..."photochop" is a mind bugging gameword..haha

PoJenG said...


JEYQ said...

thank you i've noticed!
i am in guam right now, trying to get all my priorities sorted so i can get back to my life. thanks for checking up!

the yellow shirt/jacket combo is my favorite!

Cory K said...

The jackets amazing. You collaborated it perfectly into your outfit.

And I'm 14 (;

JEYQ said...




izzydore said...

love the jacket. what is the material?

naboonies said...

angelus: i like it too, it's really striking. but the other colors are also great as well, it's much better in person HAHA!

oh well, the header is not that grand as i imagined, but there's always photochop opportunity in the future!

JeyQ: sorry, I can't blog much right now cause of i'm in the middle of exam! will do the photo tag ASAP, yes!

CoryK: thanks dear, it's good to start young, when I was your age I barely knew how to write (not that I've improved much now)...your blog rocks!

izzydore: thanx izzy! it's the humble polyester , if you ask me :)

Ca said...

Love that jacket, pure classic elegance and you jazzed it up. Fun!

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