Feb 25, 2009

My vacation : fashion edition

It's been forever, I know. Recently school has been killing me. But it's better late than never right? Here are some of my (window) shopping trip pics...enjoy!


Antwerp is a quaint little town, and all the important shops are within a walking distance from the Central Railway. As I walked further along Nationalestraat my heart skipped a beat to see this beige domed building which houses both Modenatie and Yohji Yamamoto flagship store! We (me and my trip mates) literally dashed into the shop, ehemm. (Okay, maybe I was the only one excited to take a look what's inside the store). Inside my vision is greeted by stark white minimalistic space which houses an array of Yamamoto AW09 main lines, together with his daughter Limi Feu's collection.
Yohji Yamamoto + Modenatie

Ever heard about the recent Martin Margiela exhibition in MoMu? As I said earlier my main mission coming to Antwerp was to get a firsthand look at Margiela's unconventional pieces beginning 20 years ago until today. Alas lady luck was not on my side - the museum was closed. I should slap myself for not noticing it doesn't open on Mondays!

Dries Van Noten

And just around the corner (you'll never miss it, it's just before MoMu, if you're coming from Meir Street), is Dries Van Noten's flagship. Judging from the outside the store looks really majestic and humongous, plus, it really stands out from the bunch (it's housed in an 18th centruy building if I'm not mistaken). Again, unfortunately the store's closed as they were revamping the store to get ready for the SS09 collection. You may say that my fantasy to grab a few DVN pieces at a greatly reduced price shattered right then and there :(

Labels Inc

Welcome to the Belgian designer outlet heaven, Labels Inc! Here the pieces are mostly from past seasons with maximally slashed price, much to my content. Think Ann Demeulemeester, Raf Simons, Margiela and Dries Van Noten at a fraction of the original cost. Also there are some Japanese lables sold as well (CDG, Junya Watanabe, Yamamoto etc).

Being a sucker for sales I grabbed a few stuff from there!

They also feature new and upcoming designers in their window display! Recently it's Takumi Yanazaki. Next, who knows?

Oh yeah, I'll show you the pics of the stuff that I got in the next post, okay? I promise!

I got to know Mdm Vivian,the owner of Labels Inc. We had a little chat, and she was surprised when I say I'm a medical student (she thought I was a fashion student, oh I wish that WAS true!). Let tell me you, she is a sweet lady who runs the shop by day, and the most touching part is she's also a teacher who volunteers to teach mentally handicapped children a few days of the week!

She was being really nice, offering me a Number (N)ine sequined blazer at a special price. But I had to decline (natch!) as most of my dough was spent on the above-mentioned stuff you see!

***Am I hinting for another discount the next time I'm in Antwerp? HAHAHA***

P/S: Fashion is passion, yes Mdm Viv?


A BOOKSTORE in Paris, facing Jardin de Tuileris (I can't remember the name, it boasts to be the first English bookstore in Europe)

Just look at the extensive collection of fashion-related books! If money AND luggage weight are not the issues here, I'll immediately snap one or two of the exquisite Chanel retrospective books, for sure.


A window display at Maria Luisa

Paris' Yohji Yamamoto flagship. Again, I love the clean aesthetics of the interior. I did not bother to enter as I know the collection will be the same like in Antwerp :)

Goyard ...wish I can afford one of their travel luggage and trunks :(

FYI Kaiser Lagerfeld's favorite luggage is from this brand!


And the must-visit store in Paris:
The hip and trendy Colette!

Apologies for the lack of photos INSIDE the store. You see, I'm an extremely self-conscious tourist. I don't want to be told "Sorry, but it's not allowed to take pictures here"....

Seriously this is the coolest, hippest store ever! On the first floor they have street fashion stuff and a selection of high fashion magazines.

The icing of the cake is on the second floor...
Imagine the latest SS09 collection stocked side by side. They include YSL, Lanvin (ooh la la the two-tone toe cap shoes make my VJJ wet!!!), and not to forget the kooky Thom Browne's collection.

Hussein Chalayan at Colette

The window display is amazingly stocked up with Hussein Chalayan's creations. Looks like the avant-garde garments are being blown up in the wind - the details of which are evident at the back, and echoed by the mannequin's hair.


Elie Saab

The low-key Elie Saab boutique, at the corner of near the HUGE roundabout leading to important streets, among others Champs Elysees.

Louis Vuitton Champs Elysees

The touristy Louis Vuitton. No, I did not enter the flagship, if you're wondering.

IN SOME NEIGHBOURHOODS (oops I forgot the name, apologies!)

A definitely hidden gem is Kokon-to-Zai!

The shop with the peculiar smell: Kokon-to Zai

They sell pieces from Marjan Pejoski ( he designed the swan dress Bjork wore to the Oscars remember?) and their own label KTZ.
Damn the owner didn't allow me to snap pics inside the shop! (Hello I'm trying to promote your business here!!! Plus it smells weird in the shop - like some kind of chemical liquid has spilled on the floor, or it's more like the stench of dried cuttlefish, if you ask me)

The majestic Galerie Vivienne : look at the little lights!

Galerie Vivienne is beautiful and the customers are chic-ly dressed. Among the tenants in this building are Jean Paul Gaultier, a few consignment stores ( I found La Marelle) and some kitschy shops. Actually I was searching for some CdG or Yamamoto pieces but they did not sell menswear in La Marelle, shame on you!

EDIT: The alert Paris-freak Kotok informed me about the bookstore. It's Galignani y'all! It's easy to remember, think Galliano! In their website just click at the 'window display' section. Seems like they have interesting themes to show every now and then.


malaychic said...

omg jeng...that bookstore is Galignani no?!!! i love love it. see how Paris is soo cool. even a bookstore window display can kill!!

Colette is a little overrated for me. did u go to rue Cambon? more jeng...MOARRR!!!

Ca said...

Good new blog entry, makes me want to travel like now!

Good luck with studies! I know well enough how it is to be a superbusy student, haha.

Giancinephile said...

I'm dying to go to Antwerp because of this!!!!

Now, thanks to you I have a store to run to to be able to get my fix on my beloved Belgian designers at a very special price!!! ;)

naboonies said...

I like Colette, it's alive with fashion people and laymen alike.

@ Ca: thanks, you should go like now HAHA!

@gian: no problem, it's a must to spread good news like this. You wont believe your eyes when you see the price tags like i did. Shopaholics unite!

streetwear said...

Oh my! I've heard so much about Antwerp. The pictures from the trip you had is turning me green in envy! Fashion and vacation = the best!

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