Feb 16, 2009

My vacation, Part Deux


Where: At a souvenir shop, Brussels
What: Can somebody tell me the real designer of these ... uhh let's call them shoe-bag knock-offs? 'Cos I saw them somewhere else further during my journey and can't seem to recall...

Where: As you can tell obviously, in front of the Louis Vuitton store, Luxembourg
What: They're displaying the latest Stephen Sprouse designs, yep, even the window display is all neon and full of LV graffiti! Don't I look like a pregnant hoochie mama over here?????

Where: Porsche museum. Stuttgart
What: Since when I'm into cars? HAHA. But above all, the interior design is clean and minimalistic, which I like, and the cars are so hot hot hot, even for a public transportation worshipper comme moi!
And this is the first Porsche model ever!

Where: The Atomium, Brussels
What: There's nothing really inside of the molecule-shaped tower, just some exhibition about the area, bla bla bla. And me, being a cheapskate whore just posing with the pay-per-view telescope, I couldn't see anything really HAHA!

Where: The view from the Atomium
What: From the gigantic windows (not telescope, mind you), down below there's a Mini-Europe park, unfortunately it's closed during winter :(

Where: Luxembourg
What: Somebody's stalking me, au secours!!! (It's fine though, if that's how an everyday stalker look like, ehem)

Where: The flower market, Amsterdam
What: The market area if full of tulip bulbs! Everything is so fresh, they even ship those cute plants in cans, how bizarre is that? Or is it just me...


*Cue music from Lady Marmalade* Voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? Mocha chocolata, kichi kichi ya ya ga ga....On the Moulin Rougeeeeee!!!!

Where: Le Jardin de Tuileries, Pagheeeee!!!
What: Oh my goddddddddddddddd, this is where the magic happens you guys!!! But too bad for me, the menswear shows have ended even before I reached Paris. To add insult to injury the couture shows were nowhere to be seen either ( I blame the bad planner, which screams ME ME ME !)

Where: C'est PARIS, ma cherie!
What: Yeah, I reached the streets around Printemps and Les Galeries Lafayette. These are shopping heavens in Paris, if you got the moolah that is... I love Printemps more because they stock high fashion collections e.g Margiela, Dior, Balenciaga Lanvin etc! You name it they've got it, hello!

Where: In some metro station
What: Me werking my new pair of shoes - they're vintage, are caramel/camel in color (?) --- somebody tell me the exact hue--- and are 3 inches high - just the perfect combination! What's funny is the shoes LITERALLY fell apart after 30 minutes walking, yeah so much for the 35 euros that I paid! Even more interesting... what made me purchase the shoes at the first place was because the shopkeeper's a cutie patootee and tried so hard to speak English, LOLssss!

DISNEYLAND PARIS, for the inner jailbait child in me....

Wayfarers? Say huwattt?!!

Since when does it snow heavily in Paris?

No, this is not the tacky tourist trap windmill in Amsterdam, just the tacky miniature version for kids :)

Tell me, who's the most excited roller coaster rider? And what's up with the two mysterious perverts in baseball caps sitting in front HAHAHA!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mars...tell me who's overtly euphoric yet again?

Why am I under this poker guy's crotch? Oh yah, to help him kill Alice, of course!

The onion dome. Oh shite, are we back in Moscow? Hell naa!

That's all folks, now that I've shown all the ticky tacky touristy pictures, coming up: fashion-related photos!


Ca said...

I serioulsy need to go back to Paris, like soon.

Dinie said...

shoe-bag knock-offs,I WANT.
if u get your hands on one,ship one to SG too yeah and omfg..do you have to mKE ME FEEL SOOOOO JEALOU??? im like tearing up green tears right now.grrrr.
but im glad u had fun and pictures to share it with us.!

angelus_izika said...

I want that shoe-bag!! its a cutie!!!

and if u do the math, u're paying approximately 1 euro/minute for every step u walk in that vintage shoe :P

St Basil is overrated, but I love that onion dome pics of yours

I recalled I use to go to printemps, and just oogling over all the brands there

naboonies said...

@Ca: You shuold! An Easyjet/ Ryanair / Eurolines ticket is suffice. HAHA

@Dinie: I don't mean to make ya jealous ya see, but got to make use of all the time spent in this shitty Eastern Europe travelling the 'proper' Europe. HAHA

@ angelus:

Shoe-bags or not, they are quirky enough to be knocked off!

I'll totally get the most use out of this so-called 'vintage' shoes!

St Basil is blah! The fairy tale vesion is cuter HAHA

Printemps IS cooler than Galeries Lafayette., but the price is not. HEHE

malaychic said...

ok.i officially miss my Paris.

did u go the Jardin on Sunday? 'coz it looks unordinarily empty (or perhaps it's the weather).

i laughed the moment i saw ur last photo. it's soo Galeries Lafayette. perhaps u should add some ribbons n red lipstick, u'll then look all the same.

i miss u xx

Eleh said...

gees. how i wish i was in Paris as well!! and oh, a question, are you a malay? :D

p/s: i have linked you! and man, you're the first male blogger on my list!

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