Feb 12, 2009

My vacation, Part Un

My, my, did I have a blast touring Europe! Lots of pics to share, heaps of newly bought stuff to show. But before anything, I'd like to make this entry as less wordy as possible. First stop - the 'touristy' pics. A picture paints a thousand words, they say. Enjoy the photos and captions!

Where: In front of the Central Railway Station, Amsterdam
What: Playing tourist at the bike parking spot. People in Amsterdam do cycle a lot! (The last time I saw this many bikes was in Copenhagen and Stockholm last summer)

Where: Some square in Brussels (apparently it's the main tourist spot, with the Pissing Boy just around the corner)
What: My birthday gift Reebok bag, battered Adidas boat shoes and the cheap flimsy MNG coat!

Where: Some cineplex near The Atomium, Brussels
What: Before taking a piss, I managed to camwhore in this violet fluorescent-lit toilet :)

Where: In front of a tattoo parlor, Luxembourg
What: Me asking Safwan to play Sartorialist, with a prehistoric Sony Cybershot digicam.

Where: Luxembourg
What: The old part of Luxembourg consists of steep valleys like this!

Where: Parc Disneyland, Paris
What: Me slutting up an innocent carousel horse. Don't I look like a smiley pole dancer? HAHA

Where: Eiffel Tower, Paris, duh!
What: I was kinda freaked out when we reached this gigantic metal scrap. Hence the overly excited 'photo shoot'.

P.s: I know you'll question where the FASHYON is in my trip but trust me, those high fashion shops pictures are stuck in my camera and yes, I'm still searching for my USB cable to upload the pics. Damn you cable where are you hiding?



LVfreak said...

MOARRR...i say MOARR. coz i wan MOAR!!

shit i wanna be in Paris.now.!

Dinie said...

more more more MOAR.
lady gaga style.
paris.how was it?

angelus_izika said...

love the fluorescent toilet!!! very the...haha

Ca said...

Oh my gosh, you're back! Been missing your updates!

Looks like such a fun trip, I agree... gimme more photos! Haha!

naboonies said...

Hey guys! More photos coming up!

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