Oct 7, 2009

Fun at Avillion Part Deux

 I've fallen back ill at home and with the fear of contracting the ubiquitous Dengue fever these past few days, hence the process of blogging (and preparing to be recruited for work) seems a bit slow for me.  Heck I was not even online for the past few days... the throbbing headache basically deterred the will power that I thought I had in me all this while. Let's pray my parents and I recover soon and regain back our health...

On a brighter note, as promised here are the continuation of pictures from the previous post...


You know what's so funny about being hooked to bargain hunting? No matter where you look there's almost always an opportunity to grab something  that's not only cool but won't burn a hole in my thinning wallet either.


I found this Pajama pant at Giant for a measley RM6. That doesn't even reach the amount of 2 Euros I tells ya! It's actually meant for girls but what attract me to purchase this pant (besides the dirt cheap price) is the adorable basketball/football print. Plus the sizing is perfect for a person slightly challenged in the height department (me!) and being a sleeping garment the fabric is soo soft, I plan to wear it out more often!


And this wool Kyuso jacket (still a label that I Googled but to no avail) had a minor facelift after some sequin action that I put on the right pocket flap. Details? I'll be showing you guys next time, as I'm afraid I'm so pressed for time blogging for the time being!

Kyuso cropped wool jacket, B.U.M shirt, Giant PJ pant, H&M striped socks, Lacoste plimsolls
Until next post dear readers! (which undoubtedly will be more sporadic, as I'm currently at the induction course and soon after that I'll be immediately working :)


sharinna said...

heeey =). i've just changed my blog url to a new one; knightsofeuphoria.blogspot.com..thanks! =)

Giancinephile said...

Tell me about Dengue fever! I spent over a week in the hospital! Damned fever! haha

Well, you could always have fun doing outfit posts in the confines of your own home! haha

And I want that cropped wool jacket! haha ha

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