Jan 2, 2010

Turn over a new leaf

As a new chapter of life is turned, Dunia Fashyon grows a year older. Such an eventful year 2009 was both personally and blogging-wise. There's the graduation day after a 6-year long stint in Russia - which was simultaneously one of the most enjoyable and the saddest moments in my life so far. I was so happy that this was exactly the period when I discovered (excuse the cliche) passion for fashion and blogging, bonding with people and being finally comfortable with the initially 'hostile' environment (Russian culture and their extreme weather, for example). On a sadder note the last months was also difficult as I had to bear having to leave the most conducive atmosphere to dress up in multiple layers (hence the reason I discovered ways to tweak my style in the first place), missing the chance for fairly cheap traveling in Europe and of course bidding a dieu to a few good friends.


At the same time Dunia Fashyon saw a few incredible moments - being featured on other blogs, meeting a hugely successful blogger Dinie Rahman ,the shopping experience in Paris and Antwerp, the enjoyable DIY attempts  and of course having a steady amount of visitors, thanks to YOU ;)


Remember what I said early last year about my search of individual style? Truth be told I'm still in the search of the ultimate comfort zone in dressing. Some people call me a style chameleon, but I'm afraid what influences me in outfit selection is because of more like me falling trap in to the 'designer labels afficionados' territory (which partly reflects my insecurity) or more obviously, maybe I was and am trying too quickly to jump onto the trend band wagon.


Either way I think there's still much room to discover and more importantly there's a lot more to explore and experiment with menswear and occasionally womenswear, and at times  what we have to do is just sit back and soak in to the beauty of clothing...


Time is not a luxury for me anymore. As you all are aware already I have to work at crazy hours. Hence spending a big proportion of time on fashion blogging/surfing seems much much more difficult than the youthful enjoyable student days. I am feeling so old right now despite just finishing studies merely months ago.

Somehow words can't describe how time flies so quickly, the challenge of adapting a responsible adult life, (well, partial adult life as I'm currently living with my parents,) and the difficulty to try blending in with the new social atmosphere and hectic working schedule is beyond explanation.


Well at least I'm grateful to God that He has prolonged my life today and the chance to share with you my personal outfit shots is priceless. And last but not least I'm thanking you dear readers for making this blog what it is today. Please keep visiting and throw in some comments, I'd like to hear them and we could personally discuss on matters including the ones outside the fashion realm, just so you know.

To another self-indulgent year I say!

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JEYQ said...

LOVE your ring.
SUPER jealous!
Hope you're doing well :)

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