Apr 11, 2010

I am still here

It's been well over one month and a half since I updated Dunia Fashyon.

Hang on! I'm still around. Please do not worry, my passion for blogging is still there. It's just work (lame excuse I know) has been killing me (almost literally).

Medical department is not that tough, it's only that I'm still having this Orthopedics attitude in me(this department is notoriously known for refusing referrals and infamous for having the I-don't-care attitude compared to other major branches of medicine).

Anyway I'm still in progress of discovering interesting fashyon spots/boutiques/ shops in KL /Malaysia.

So please patiently wait (I've been countlessly saying this phrase to my patients) and let's hope for more interesting news from DF

p/s: by the way blogging from the hospital PC is soo not fun! haha


tunbegia said...

nice blog, like your travelogue about russia,

keep it up

Adz Ariff said...

Blogging from the hospital PC?? The super-slow one? I am surprised.

Dr Hafiz, cepat attend patient collapsed! :P

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