May 12, 2010

Having it all at MUSA

Last month has been an exciting period for an avid shopper like me. I'm still in the phase of  relentlessly updating my wardrobe with a LOT of junks but little amount of wearable/worthy clothes. Being a "nouveau riche" I feel like I could afford anything that I desire (I'm actually being sarcastic here, you don't think my newly-earned income as an intern doctor is THAT lucrative in this side of the world, do you?)

In any case I still think that I must allocate a portion of my hardly-earned salary on 'cool' clothes, or at least find another option rather than returning to the good ol' Topman/ SEED/ department stores/ eBay/ dodgy overpriced 'luxury labels' stores for outfit fix...

That is when MUSA comes to the rescue. This recently-opened boutique/cafe which is located at Avenue K, is being managed by a very good friend of mine Arman Shahril (being repeatedly harped about he is no stranger to Dunia Fashyon). This project actually has been a brainchild of him and Nazreem Zainul. After repeated chats with both of the guys it was quite clear that their mission was to create an alternative for fashion enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur or even South East Asia. The shop has been running for only about almost two months; the clothing section is in its full throttle but the dining area is still in progress.

I was taken aback upon entering the premise - a lush synthetic grass carpet welcomed my sight at the patio-like facade. This is where the interesting sliding dining chairs and tables are placed. be exact they have a rocking-chair like mechanism in which the diners could rock their chairs away while enjoying a cup of latte caramel, I imagine.

Flash forward a few weeks later....

MUSA soft launch and a trunk show by Henry Holland. MUSA also showcased some of clothes from labels they have in store. It was hosted by none other than the celebrity blogger Bryanboy.

Bryanboy 'werking' it...

I love the girl models - they have such fun attitude and they carried the dresses well.

The boys, on the other hand, are kind of burly and stocky for my taste , but I think it was the producers' intention to select these types of bodies to represent their clothes.

Great knit cardigan and sweater - Look at those Missoni-esque prints!

My favorite piece from House of Holland Spring Summer 2010

Paint-splattered effect blazer from RoCoCo, is the chain-as-embellishment fever goin to subside any soon?

Is this model tacking crack pre-runway? Look at the bloodshot eyes! Great print on the shorts though (Peter Jensen)..will take a good close-up later

 The most playful outfit so far - give me the sun glasses! Leather panels on denim (Givenchy last season?) - not so original, but looks great though, by Cheap Monday SS 2010

More denim love, Cheap Monday SS 2010

What I particularly like about this store is the variety of the labels they have. As usual the ladies have all the glory of choices (clothes, shoes and accessories) , but the guys are not spared as well - there is quite an extensive list of new European labels for men comprising of casual wear, shoes and jeweleries. MUSA stocks  some designers that I have heard before and some are excitingly new to me - I'm already familiar, like most of you out here I presume, with names like Peter Jensen, House of Holland and  Kokon To Zai.

However  labels like Rajesh Pratap Singh, RoCoCo and Mini Market are pretty alien to my fashion vocabulary, but promise great design no less. MUSA also caters for the street-wear /denim lovers with Naked and  Famous, Cheap Monday and Sixpack France  on their list. Price-wise (which I could only judge by comparing Cheap Monday here and in Paris) I think there's not so much of a difference, and come sales season I'm sure people will flock to buy these denim labels.

The after party was great! There was great music and Henry Holland was the guest DJ

Mr Holland's hair is as tall as his height. Check out those sickk studded hi tops! Bulge alert oops!


Can you believe the difference of our height? I'm a MIDGET!

Gorgeous people at the party. Holla to Joyce from Kinky Blue Fairy! We chat a little a bit and it was abrupted because I had to go to pee!

More pictures and commentaries to come.
And deets in pics- focus will be more on the pieces that MUSA stock in detail.



My boyfriend so crazy with your shoes collection.... Nice blog! :)

Adlyn Farouk said...

OMG Henry Holland! And Bryanboy!

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