Oct 24, 2010

Paint it on a shirt!


I'm not a big fan of attending weddings, the childhood memory of my mother dragging me to almost each of my relatives' weddings is still freshly embedded in my mind. Nowadays I'm rather grateful for having a job (well despite not loving it whole-heartedly), because it serves as one of the effective excuses for NOT attending wedding receptions. I'll just say I'm to exhausted and have to lie down to relax a bit for tomorrow, in which I'll be excused with no questions raised.

However a few weeks ago I was not hesitating to attend the holy matrimony when my family and I attended a rather grand wedding of my cousin in one of the popular 5-star hotels in Sunway. I have to admit, I rather enjoyed the event after all these years of sweat and discomfort for attending receptions outside a house in a 37 degrees heat!

Being in a fully air-conditioned ballroom allowed me to dress up a bit - after all, thinking about the grandeur of the reception definitely pushed me to wear something other than a mediocre collared T-shirt with dark jeans and sandals combo (the favorite go-to outfit if weddings are outside, in the sweltering afternoon heat)

So I picked up this paint effect shirt from Hugo Boss which I bought at a bargain in their MASSIVE outlet in Stuttgart, Germany. I always have this gushy feeling about wearing this piece of 'art' on my body, and I definitely felt that that night, and my aunt who hosted the wedding was quite taken aback when she saw me in that night's outfit ( I always 'tone' my outfit down whenever I'm around my relatives, especially when we're all together at our hometown).




I am wearing Hugo Boss shirt, Topman pants, eBay clutch and belt, Jil Sander shoes. Collar bib bought from Beyond Retro in Stockholm

Have a nice Monday!


malch said...

"I always 'tone' my outfit down whenever I'm around my relatives, especially when we're all together at our hometown"


umar rashid said...

That shirt is amayyyzingggg. Nice touch with the bib as well!
Did u have the shirt taken in to fit u? Cos when I go 2 hugo boss their smallest shirt is still long n loose on me :( n ur shirt fits amazing...

naboonies @ Dunia Fashyon said...

malch -- what are you thinking? something smells fishy when you say hmmmm, and just hmmm!

umar- thank you for the compliment. yes, you guessed it right. I did alter the shirt to fit me better, otherwise ALL Western brands will fit like a graduation robe on me HAHA! Exception for Topman though

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