Feb 7, 2011

Hide the hole!


I just found these  images whilst cleaning up my 'outfit post' folder. It's been a while since I attempted a DIY and this shredded cardigan is the living proof that I don't know how to customise outfits other than shredding clothes HAHA!

The cardigan is from Mexx ( a Spanish high street label) that I got while studying in Russia. It was one of my favorite cardigans because of its relatively good quality and of course, its black color essentially goes with anything.


Why do I ruin the cardigan if I loved it I hear you ask? One day I found the cardigan hanging in my shared closet (i.e shared with 2 other housemates, that was the dark period for wardrobes  I dread to go back again) . It was hanging there with TWO large holes near the left shoulder area. I was devastated really, thinking the possibilities of:
A) It was a foul play (is it even possible haha)
B) The cockroach ate the fabric
C) Or worse, the RAT ate the fabric

So to preserve what's left of a holey black cardigan, I decided to 'camouflage' the holes by rampantly shredding the fabric even more....


I was in an almost all-black ensemble with this cardigan from Mexx, sleeveless tank top from Miu Miu (eBay), Topman trousers, Calvin Klein booties, socks from Happy Socks, Forever 21 hair clip as shoulder accessory

I rarely wear these Calvin Klein perforated booties anymore because of the thin soles and the awkward fit (they are ladies footwear after all). But I kind of smiled when I looked at the neon- tipped socks from Happy Socks. Yup I'm ready to compromise with the label's rather hefty price tag over their eccentric socks design...


Giancinephile said...

Really lovin' those Happy Socks!!!!!

muib said...

so fetch head to toe ,:)

naboonies said...

Gian, thank you. Happy Socks have very colourful designs and they just add fun to simple monochromatic outfits like mine..

Muib, thank you so much. Fetch everythinggg haha

Naboonies @Dunia Fashyon from blackberry haha

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