Apr 30, 2011

Maison Martin Margiela at home

Probably 1.9 billion people watched the royal wedding yesterday on the box. But honestly I could not give much attention and the fact that menswear-wise at the ceremony a bit of a lacklustre was really disappointing.

However here I have a weekend feast for your eyes. Having to visit Maison Martin Magiela's Parisian headquarter at rue St. Maur was a memorable trip during yet my another tag-along buying trip with MUSA where I saw with my very eyes the simple yet intriguing interior of the premise.


The building used to be a monastery which was then converted to a current Parisian office of this cult label. As most of you would have known Margiela's symbolic use of white is quite apparent especially in the wall color, furniture and even the white labcoat-clad staffs who were so friendly and informative.

I read in an interview sometime ago Margiela's prevalent usage of white for the furniture hits both the economical and aesthetics values - in their Antwerp HQ, for example, they used to collect vintage/used furniture from all over the city and to tie those variably shaped furniture in; the solution was to paint them white. Sheer genius I'd say!

The reception area...

Complete with old-school computers and supermarket-like deck where the cashiers' counters are. I believe the deck is perhaps taken from a mart going into oblivion?

A beautiful chandelier covered for unknown reason. I reckon it's part of the aesthetics...

The interior of the showroom...

Again there are a few fabric-covered chandeliers inside as well, which reminds me of the view in abandoned mansions in a typical Hollywood style scary movie...

Coming up: More Margiela related posts!

Bon weekend!

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