Oct 4, 2011

Eyeing for Marius Morel

As you can see in most of the images in my blog the Marc Jacobs spectacles that I wear are almost becoming a constant fix on my nasal bridges, which means that a search for new eyewear is warranted. From then on meticulous and rather picky me has been searching high and low in the quest for the perfect replacement for the weary Marc Jacobs.

An exhaustive search which includes visiting both physical and online shops was leading me almost nowhere. I have been trying the more popular and established brands like the New York-based Moscot and even the Japanese powerhouse Masunaga, thinking that the latter might be the one for me to wear for the next few years. 

A handful of factors should be counted in when selecting the best eyewear for you, especially the fit of the bridges. The Masunaga frames that I tried on fit my nasal bridge really well. So I've been told that the Asian company considers physical make-ups of different descendants in the craftsmanship of their frames. In this case my South East Asian nose seemingly fits well with Masunaga's bridge. 

 The fit and style factors made me like the Masunagas a lot, alas, the usual obstacle hindered me from purchasing them ( i.e a rather steep price) which I can't firmly justify given the ever-tightening of personal budget...

That disappointingly led me to another mall and, fortunately and ultimately I found this beautiful French eyewear label Marius Morel. Created by Jules Morel in 1880, currently the fourth generation of Morel family is managing the internationally expanding company.


"In more than a century of history, Morel has learned how to evolve and manage technological as well as creative changes "

I definitely appreciate the classic model which has a bit of 1950's flavor in these frames that I acquired. Slightly oval in shape, these frames is definitely a fresh companion to my boxy Marc Jacobs spectacles...


Another factor influencing me on this purchase in none other than the relatively affordable price. At Tanjong Opticals (Ground Floor, Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya) the price is virtually unbeatable (I have been comparing the prices online and this is definitely the best bet).

So home I went a happy camper with a new set of 'eyes'....


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