Sep 6, 2012

Anna dello Russo's Fashion Shower

Back in April we were teased with a video of what seems like Anna dello Russo practicing choreography to the tune of her own vocal on a track that is now officially named ‘Fashion Shower’.

Apart from seeing her regular-self dancing (which includes major statement heels, fringe dress and beautiful hairdo) nothing much is exciting in the video. We all know Anna dello Russo is an obsessive practitioner of Yoga so it doesn’t seems like a surprise when she nailed those ‘bone-wrecking’ routine effortlessly.

Then the Fashion God bestowed upon us early this morning of what seems like an appropriate gift to start fashion-week month! The first full video clip has first emerged on New York Times.
The 2:35 clips has clearly put AdR on another level. Apart from being a great amazing stylist, street-style godmother and dancer she has proved herself to be a commendable singer too.

Perhaps this is how Madonna would sound and look if she’s ever born an Italian. A part of me can’t help but to wonder perhaps this is how a modern-day fashionable Medusa would look like. Everything seems to be dripped in gold from the ginormous shoe & bangle sculpture (both are replicas of the AdR x H&M collaboration collection, of course). There’s no limit on the amount of accessories – (bangles, earrings, necklaces, headgear, waistlet and killer shoes!) that she could pull off ALL in one look. To say that everything in the video is ‘Over-The-Top’ would be a humbling understatement.

Enough with the chitty-chat now let’s enjoy the video!

"Nothing succeed like excessive!"

The Anna dello Russo x H&M accessories collection will go on sale worldwide on October 4th.  
Available online and at selected H&M store.

What’s more exciting for us Malaysian is this collection will mark as the first capsule to be made available at H&M Bukit Bintang store to open this coming September 24th. MAJOR!

Video source: Youtube & New York Times
Image source: WWD

Written by Arman


thompsonboy said...

what are you getting? I want the headgear...

naboonies said...

I personally am not planning for anything yet but one never knows when it comes to seeing the items in-person. I might change my mind then :)

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