Sep 3, 2012

Stud me more

Just when I thought the 'studs as embellishment' trend is long over Dr Martens has made a point to turn an overtly trendy and already passé phenomenon into relevance all over again. This time around, unusual to Dr Martens aesthetics, a monk-style shoe complete with dome studs make the already "punked" up label even edgier. 

The painted studs purportedly will flake over time which gives a beautiful aging effect (but I personally prefer the studs to be shiny and glisteningly new for ever). At £135 a pop you can get them via Oki-ni. Perhaps this can be the more affordable substitute (but not much more) of my escaped Prada studded brogues...

Anyways, these steel toe cap shoes, also from Dr Martens, are equally interesting:
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written by Hafidzudin

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