Sep 7, 2012

Wishful Thinking!

Last night the fashion universe celebrated Fashion Night Out in 19 different cities all across the planet. This festivity conjures up a memory of the same night in year 2009 when Naomi Campbell was the special guest at Dolce & Gabbana store on Madison Avenue (also in celebration of the 25th anniversary of her stellar modeling career!)

Choreographed by Laurieann Gibson (the main lead of The Dance Scene on E!) Naomi in all her essence pranced danced carelessly alongside other models in front of roaring crowd.

So it came upon me what fabulous of an idea it would be if Anna dello Russo would do something almost similar during the launching day of her fashionably-anticipated AdR x H&M accessories collection. Even better, she can lip-sync sing to her own track ‘Fashion Shower’ (already playing on repeat in my playlist!) and effortlessly dance to a better choreography than Naomi (judging only from the video, of course).

I foresee her putting this gig none other than the H&M store on Regents Street, London. Both Donatella Versace and David Beckham were present on the launching day of their collection on separate occasion in the same store.

Wishful thinking, that is!

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Video source: Youtube

Written by Arman

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