Sep 23, 2012

H&M Kuala Lumpur opens to public

Yesterday saw the launch of H&M to the Malaysian public, and I was there just to experience the atmosphere among the enthusiastic shoppers. The doors opened sharp at 11 o'clock in the morning and I reached Lot 10's main entrance just about fifteen minutes prior to the opening.

When I arrived I was surprised at the number of turnout. Hordes and hordes of shoppers were lining up! The lines snaked till the back of Lot 10 building, even beyond Haagen-Dazs ice-cream kiosk. PR extraordinaire Amri Rahim informed via his twitter that people has been lining up even since the day BEFORE.

Well, this is all thanks to the widespread and vigorous promotion through all types of media (Lana Del Rey as H&M's face this season is everywhere - billboards,  major newspapers and even the tabloid Harian Metro has Del Rey on its cover). There is also a giant reward to entice the early-birds: the first customer entitles an RM500 gift card, the next four wil get RM200 and the other three hundred are offered RM50 gift card each. Who wouldn't want those basically free clothes?

These four girls apparently were the first ones to line up (for almost 24 hours, gasp!). They deservingly had the right to claim their titles as H&M Kuala Lumpur's biggest groupie and consequently reap the rewards of few-hundred ringgits worth of clothing...

The calm before the storm that is the opening of the doors 

 And the doors are open!

 Jam-packed rows of threes

The lines continue till the back end of Lot 10, beyond Haagen-Dazs

 What looks like an endless flow of throngs of shoppers bee-lining towards H&M main entrance

The serene-looking Lana Del Rey and her mirror image, overlooking the affordable fashion-hungry crowd

 I also had my hands at the so-called streetstyle photography (so-called for me as this is merely a feeble attempt, but not absolutely so-called for Scott Schuman or Tommy Ton though)...

 This girl is in her Marni at H&M dress. She wears it fantastically well! I did not get the front shot but she was actually wearing the plastic floral necklace as well.

 Shoe porn

 Casually dapper gentleman

Formal suit, casual shoes

The lines were only gradually decreasing in number over time but apparently it was not going to be less crowded throughout the day (I was hanging out around the area until afternoon just to observe, anyway). H&M has proved its another marketing genius with perfect timing, spot-on promotion and not to mention the location of the flagship.

 Have you guys entered this latest shopping haven, or do you plan to get here once the crowd has subsided?

written by Hafidzudin

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HanieHyde said...

haha I see my boyfriend in the second photo! ;)

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