Sep 15, 2012

H&M is almost there...

Just a quick teaser before the big date (September 22nd, to be exact). Last night I was passing by Lot 10 in Bukit Bintang and lo and behold, the first Malaysian H&M flagship is almost done. The facade is not dissimilar to Singapore's Orchard Road flagship, complete with a gigantic LCD screen revealing selected looks like a RM19.90 necklace, 'Hey Fashionista!' slogan and more.

The facade view from across the road 

 RM19.90 necklace

 Hey fashionista!

 Lot 10 above, H&M below

 The wait is finally over

This made me chuckle at the literal English-to-Malay translation: Bersedialah, tibanya shopping yang hebat. Seriously? 

At around 10 pm I could see the workers carefully drawing some gold geometric murals on the ground floor walls (which I did not manage to snap, unfortunately).

See you next Saturday?

written by Hafidzudin

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