Nov 18, 2014

BFM Life, Less fashion more Life

We had a great time at Business FM's fun and games session, with Shelah hosting. She's hilarious! It's my first time catching her show live. There were pop quizzes, and we (especially Helmi) were quite startstruck to meet the main presenters in person (Kam Raslam, Sharaad Kuttan, Ezra Zaid etc). I got to meet new friends, but of course had to come home quite early to recharge myself (forcing the extroversion is not an easy feat, my friend)...

 On an unrelated note, I'm feeling detached from the fashion world that I used to love so much - I'm thinking that there will be less and less purchases in years to come. There won't much time to ogle beautiful clothes at the malls / online anymore. Trust me, I just love beautiful stuff - but with my current salary I just can't afford all the good designs - we all know good designs come with a price tag. People will inadvertently ask that impertinent question:

"Why not join private practice, the pay is much better isn't it?"

I just feel like staying with civil service for now. Why? I feel like there are so much aspects of humanity to learn from seeing really financially challenged patients in the health clinic. There's an element of sheer gratitude in some of the patients that I've met. And there's the wealth of experience that I can learn from the huge number of patients we see in the public healthcare centres.

Having said that, I don't feel comfortable with an overly bureaucratic system and sometimes too laid back (or rather, complacent) attitude of the public healthcare work force, especially in primary care. Regardless I think I'm adept at keeping a stoic face in working with 'challenging' bosses, colleagues or even subordinates.

It's a 50-50 on this one - I love what I'm doing but at times the work-related conflict kind of hampers the motivation, plus the money is not so great. On the other hand, I find more satisfaction serving the average citizen and watching them get better in front of my very own eyes. Without question there is no element business in public healthcare, hence I don't worry much of money making-related clinical/administrative decisions, thus far.

Medicine is a career path with its own drama that J.K Rowling can start writing multiple novels based on this story alone.

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