Apr 7, 2009

Being indecisive and earth tones

Have you ever felt like you don't know what to wear despite a wardrobe bursting with clothes? I know, I know, a person does not need a lot of clothing items to get by, but I just can't get enough of what's in my cupboard at present. Call me greedy or ungrateful, call me narcissistic or complicated... it still, however, drives me nuts to wear the same outfit combination if I wore it recently - this is the worst problem that I'm facing for the time being. Every morning is a dramatic woe as I get panicked by the ticking clock, yet I spend a lot of time to choose my outfit for one particular day.

Let me confess: I am easily inspired, or rather, distracted by the visual imagery of styles that I keep on seeing on the Internet, magazines, or people on the street. Wait. Did I just pinpoint my main cause of the problem? The question is, do I want to acknowledge the source and be determined to find the solution? Does that mean that I need to stop gawking at the kaleidoscopic colors and mysterious fabrics? Do I need to shun the ubiquitous style sites and stop flipping through glossy magazines altogether?

Well, the answer is NO... thus I'm afraid to say that I don't, or won't have a single style that I will stick to indefinitely. I'd love the thought of being able to experiment various garments and styles, how different fabrics work together or how colors from the opposite ends of spectrum clash. But let's say this is just me. Have I mentioned that I still have the dreaded job as a trainee doctor to bear in mind? Nevertheless, until that moment comes by, I want to have all the luxury of time and idleness to play with fashion and diverse styles.

EARTH TONES GALORE-->Scarf: gift from Helmi, EXTRA jacket, ZARA polyester top, Cheap Monday jeans, vintage Camel Adventure shoes

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Bottega Veneta much?

Well, that being said,my questions are: how do you feel about this? Do you experience the same issue like me or it never even crossed your mind? Do you stick to one definitive style, or love to be a chameleon?


jellyfungus said...

"Nevertheless, until that moment comes by, I want to have all the luxury of time and idleness to play with fashion and diverse styles."

HAHA. I wonder if I will still see you dressed in awesome outfits when I come visit you in.. say, Hospital Serdang - Bahagian Medikal?

If people start wearing colourful labcoats there, I think I'll know who and why.

angelus_izika said...

I want to see you MORE in that EARTH GALORE tone!!! les exceptionale!!!!!

and, neemo : I do wish we could skip out from the medical lab coat and wear colourful scrubs!!! oh..maroon ftw!!

and NO...i prefer to stick to one style..just because I dont have the luxury to experiment on others :)

Ca said...

I suppose we all go through the must-try-everything-phase sooner or later, haha. Been there, done that so now I know what I dont' look good in and what I feel comfortable in.

Personal and definite style takes time to grow and develop, then keep on evolving with the way you wear it and how you incorporate new inspirational elements.

Keep on playing around and have fun, you are the one to set your own limits! Experiment and just go nuts, haha, you'll eventually figure out what you like the most.

And I LOVE YOUR SHOES! So old vintage looking, I adore.

Dr. Debonaire said...

I am SO SO jealous of those shoes!! They're beautiful!

JEYQ said...

i have no idea if i reset any preset settings. do you know how i could fix it? thanks for always checking up!

i have to come back and get an update with you because i haven't had the chance/time to browse through your wondrous blog!


Dinie said...

this is random:
whats your name?

naboonies said...

Dr Debonaire: well thanks, it's so unexpected!

JEYQ: everything;s fine I guess, well thanks, take your time okay, work is important!

Dinie: I've replied your message at your comment box! :)

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